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APIs in Action: Unlocking the Potential of APIs in Today’s Digital Landscape


In today’s world, APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) are essential for connecting applications and services, driving digital innovation. But with the rise of hybrid and multi-cloud setups, effective API management becomes essential for ensuring security and efficiency. That’s where APIs in Action, a virtual event dedicated to unlocking the full potential of APIs, comes in.

Join us for a full-day virtual event focused on exploring API management for integration, hybrid and multi-cloud, and AI workloads. Learn from industry experts about the latest trends and best practices shaping the API landscape. Our immersive event delves deep into APIs and API management, highlighting innovative architectures that drive business growth. Our experts will guide you through transforming existing services and making your data easily accessible to developers, both internally and externally.

Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just starting out, APIs in Action equips you with the knowledge and tools to use APIs effectively in your hybrid and multi-cloud environment. Register now and join the conversation! Experience a day filled with insightful discussions, demos, and actionable insights that will empower you to navigate the evolving landscape of API management with confidence.

Session Abstract Speaker(s)
The role of API Management in Azure Integration Services A successful integration platform developed with Azure Integration Services will find API Management at the heart of your solution. In this session we will discuss some of the common scenarios where you will find API Management used. Mike Stephenson
API management for microservices in a hybrid and multi-cloud world Microservices are on the cusp of becoming the dominant style of software architecture. This hands-on demonstration will show how enterprises can make the transition to API-first architectures and microservices in a hybrid, multi-cloud world. Tom Kerkhove
Leveraging API Management for OpenAI Applications/Use Azure API Management (APIM) to manage, secure, and scale your LLM-based applications This session navigates the intersection of APIM and OpenAI technologies, discussing how APIM enhances the deployment, security, and scalability of OpenAI-powered applications. Attendees will learn about APIM basics, OpenAI’s capabilities, integration strategies, security challenges, and real-world applications. Elena Neroslavskaya, Chris Ayers
Azure API Management from a developer perspective ** ** As organizations adopt an API-first mindset, the need for a good management of your APIs grows. This session will explain the benefits of Azure API Management (APIM) through the eyes of a developer. What’s in it for the developer and how can Azure APIM help to maximize the potential and security of your APIs? Toon Vanhoutte
*OpenAPI now vs. the future * ** ** Discover the essential role of OpenAPI in unlocking your API’s full potential and expanding your customer base. In this session, explore how OpenAPI is integral to the AI-driven future, providing crucial insights for staying ahead in the dynamic API landscape. Elevate your strategy and position your API for success by embracing OpenAPI. Darrel Miller
API Design First with SwaggerHub and Azure API Management ** ** Still designing in the dark ages with interface design documents and outdated documentation? Come see how SwaggerHub and Azure API Management can enable you to utilize the API Design First methodology to create live documentation that allows architects and stakeholders to design software together. Joël Hébert
API DevEx ** ** The developer experience for APIs can be difficult for new API developers and can add complexity to existing API projects due to new toolchains and evolving cloud services. In this session, we will demystify the API developer experience, leveraging tools like GitHub Copilot, Azure API Center, Azure API Management, and OpenAPI extensions. Josh Garverick
Better API Governance with Azure API Center ** ** An API catalog brings together the different roles involved in an API program and, by promoting the collaboration between them, it fosters API reuse, ensured compliance and better developer productivity. In this session we will explore what is Azure API Center and how to integrate it in your API design workflow. Massimo Crippa
Leverage Postman to Collaboratively Test your APIs from design to deployment and beyond ** ** Learn firsthand how to wield Postman effectively throughout the API Lifecycle, boosting your API implementation and fortifying security from the start with the right testing strategies.
Whether you’re in the business of creating or consuming APIs, discover how Postman and Azure API Management complement each other to enhance collaboration and streamline productivity. Sandeep Murusupalli, Garrett London
Build a warp speed time-to-market API with DAB, APIM and Azure Container Apps ** ** In this session will delve into how the Data API builder enables swift and secure database object exposure through REST or GraphQL endpoints allowing data access on any platform, language, or device. By combining DAB with Azure Container Apps and API Management we will build up and secure a serverless data API without writing a single line of code. Massimo Crippa
Harnessing the Power of Azure API Management: Building Robust and Secure API ** ** In this session, which combines theoretical knowledge with real-world scenarios, we will delve into the advanced features of Azure API Management, with a focus on building robust, secure, and scalable APIs. Attendees will learn about security best practices, policy management, and how to effectively use Azure’s tools to enhance API performance and security. Hamida Rebai
Building a resilient API landscape with Azure API Management ** ** Cloud service failure is inevitable. When building platforms, it is crucial to ensure that you will seamlessly handle failure and by being resilient to them. Learn how Azure API Management helps you mitigate and recover from failures by using built-in load balancing and circuit-breaking capabilities. Tom Kerkhove
Enhance your API security posture with Microsoft Defender for APIs ** ** Azure Defender for APIs brings security insights and ML-based detections to APIs that are exposed via Azure API Management. In this session we will see how to leverage Defender for APIs to enhance your security posture, which kind of scenarios are covered, and our learnings from observing production workloads. Massimo Crippa
Gain Understanding of APIs and Integrations with Azure Application Insights ** ** Use Application Insights to create a correlated, end to end view of integrations across APIM, Logic Apps and Functions. Learn how to record insights, including business data, then create queries to view the data and observe through dashboards. Through Workbooks we can create meaningful, insightful custom visuals allowing support and business teams to gain the insights they want. Dave Phelps
GitOps for API-Management ** ** In this talk, we will present our experience with a GitOps workflow for implementing and managing API-Management within an Integration Platform for an international corporation. We will describe how we automated infrastructure and deployment for the whole platform, addressing key aspects such as governance, permissions management, testing and documentation. Christine Robinson, Maximiliane Ott
APIOps: Transforming Azure APIM Deployments with GitOps and DevOps Methodologies ** ** This talk offers a deep dive into the principles and practices of automating and managing APIs in Azure API Management. Attendees will gain insights into how APIOps applies the concepts of GitOps and DevOps to API deployment. By using practices from these two methodologies, APIOps can enable everyone involved in the lifecycle of API design, development, and deployment with self-service and automated tools to ensure the quality of the specifications and APIs that they’re building. Wael Kdouh

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