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ECMA 404(JSON) and ECMAScript will be ISO standards

ECMA-404 is JSON specification on Ecma International.

De facto standard and De jure standard

ECMA 404(JSON) and ECMA 262(ECMAScript) are called De facto standard.
By contrast, ISO standard is called De jure standard.

Two types of Standards

Defacto Standards (Private requirement)
Standards developed by a private company which are used widely as a result of the choices of consumers

De-jure Standards (Public requirement)
Standards registered at a recognized standards organization such as ITU, IEC, ISO, etc
Defacto Standards vs Dejure Standards - Harada.pdf

De jure standard of JSON

Recently, Ecma submit ECMA 404(JSON) specification to ISO/IEC JTC 1.

This means that ECMA 404 will be ISO standards if ISO/IEC JTC 1 member accept it. ISO/IEC 21778 is ISO version of ECMA 404(JSON).

Current status of ISO/IEC 21778 is FDIS(Final Draft International Standards). FDIS is final process on voting the specification.

For more details about the process, see International harmonized stage codes.

Is there ISO version of ECMAScript?

Yes, ECMAScript 5 is already standarized as ISO/IEC 16262:2011.
But ISO/IEC 16262:2011 is deprecated.
It will be replaced by ECMA-414 ECMAScript® Specification Suite/ISO/IEC 22275.

ECMA-414 ECMAScript Specification Suite is very hacky specification. The spec has only 3 pages!
ECMA-414 is just collection of spec links.

If you instersting in ECMAScript specs, please follow ECMAScript Daily.

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Ben Halpern

Thanks so much for this. It's really hard to keep up with this stuff if you're not super close to the issue and it's super valuable for it to show up in the feed.

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Mac Siri

This whole thing is a lil confusing 😵