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Blockchain technology has the potential to change the schooling, the learning experience, and the storage of academic records.

Blockchain has led to the creation of many ideas and inventions, one of them was NFTs. In 2021, the start of the web3 world was phenomenal. I started seeing that technology is taking a curve to something new to adapt and change the way we perceive things in the web3 world.

POLEP - The technology that could revolutionize the education system using blockchain

The idea of POLEP(Proof Of Learning Experience Protocol) introduced by Kelly - founder of Blue studios is great.

The POLEP could be revolutionary in the education space. I believe if this learning experience is implemented in a systematic way like minting your end-of-the-day learning experience on the blockchain would be really great. It gives a sense of feeling to know that you have learnt something new today.

What is POLEP?

POLEP stands for Proof of Learning Experience Protocol. It's a new way of recording your learning experience on the blockchain forever as it’s immutable (cannot be edited). Visit this page to mint your first POLEP

Flex academic achievements & credentials on the blockchain

Not only learning experience, but also we can even store our academic records on the blockchain. The assessments we write in school or colleges can be minted on the blockchain. I know many people want their credentials to keep private to them. But if few students who scored well and good in their academics can mint their credentials on any blockchain network. This will eliminate the paperwork and can easily verify their credentials if joining a new institution just by providing a simple link. Our academic records will be safe on the blockchain. Due to the immutable feature of blockchain, our records or certificates, or credentials cannot be modified. This will help educational institutions to keep records of all the students on the blockchain and no need for hardcopy. This is just an idea I want to share, there might be limitations. Fortunately, by having this idea I thought of something awesome that can change the way we flex our academic achievements and records.

Use of AR technology in education space

As we know, Pokemon Go uses augmented reality technology. Similarly what if our academic achievements and records use some application software on mobile and flex the achievements and records using AR technology. This would save time and money in verifying our records by the institution or by employers if we want a job.

This might help students build their resumes from the beginning of the learning process that can be used for job hunting.

Rewards can be distributed to the students for their learning or based on assessment credits. This way it might motivate students to mint their assessment credits more often.

How students can leverage their skills using Instagram?

Now Instagram also has announced to integrate of NFTs within the platform. Most of them have IG accounts, students can leverage the platform to showcase their learning as an NFT or POLEP. Who knows they may get employed seeing their academic achievements and credentials. NFTs will change the way we perceive knowledge, experience, and flexing skills on the internet.

Ideas are endless if we just look around the educational sector. Share your view & ideas in the comment section below.

Follow @MrsKelleyOhh @BlueStudios_io on twitter & join the discord link here to know more about the POLEP, I'm sure you will love the community. I'm a proud collector of @BlueStudios_io family.

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