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Azel Tan
Azel Tan

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Hello Dev.To

Hello World, Hello!

I'm Azel and this is my first post in :)
(This is my first post and I'm trying to have a decent content here... :P )

I used to worked before as a Front-end Web Developer and now, as an Assoc. Configuration and Release Engr. in a Software Company, a job somewhat similar to DevOps. I loved coding and during my spare time I still works as a Freelance web developer. Let me share you my favorite group of friends in freelancing. Meet WordPress, Hubspot, Joomla and Magento. And yes, they are all CMS (Content Management System) - my group of friends wherein I usually hangout with them during weekends.

Right now, I'm aiming to learn Python and I started it in SoloLearn. It's a great platform to learn hands-on and it's free. I loved how the community in SoloLearn interacts and shares what they know for each lessons.

Aside from python, I'm also studying Powershell in LinkedLearning as well as in PluralSight. What I love about PluralSight is they have activities and you can download the copy of their presentations and sample codes -- which makes it convenient if I want to review the lesson offline.

Knowledge is powerful unless you take action to apply it.

So, I'm also looking for some projects wherein I could practice Python and Powershell. Hope you can help me to do one or if you know something, I'm very open to ideas and suggestions. Please don't hesitate to suggest it. :)

That's all for my introductory post.

Nice to meet you. :)

And thank you for reading.

PS. You can find me in github as azelalynetan

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Hi Azel, welcome to! Python is an active tag here so you might pickup some tips or ideas from it:


import antigravity

You might be able to find projects to contribute to in the Python section of awesome beginners.

I don't know anything about PowerShell, just what it is, so I'm not much of help there 😅

Have fun!

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Azel Tan Author

Hi rhymes,

Awesome. Thanks for the welcome and tips :)

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