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Hacktoberfest 2022 Rewind ▶▶▶


Hacktoberfest 2022 just ended and I have decided to share this adventurous experience with you. I had contributed to open source in previous hacktoberfests as well but this time it was different. This time I was preparing for it in Preptember September.
This time, I wanted to contribute to as many different projects and as many different organizations as possible...

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Although this wasn't the main aim, I collected a lot of swag this time. Especially because I used hacktoberfest-swag for scouting good organizations participating in hacktoberfest.

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I'll be covering all my contributions in a tutorial like format. I'll be doing so in a series of articles which I'll keep linking here. I'll also be adding Github issue and PR references if you want to look into the entire process as well.

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The Adventure

This time, my contributions ranged from writing documentation to learning a new programming language & writing a entire runtime in it.
I had to go Plus Ultra! [ Anime reference ] to make so diverse contributions. Making so many open source contributions while leading bigdata development at my day job and still keeping streaks at leetcode and duolingo was extremely difficult. My entire plan hinged on proper time management. I still fell a couple issues short as I wasn't able to do their PR on time.
I got to experience what it'd feel like to work in these organizations. From bad documentation & bad maintaining to awesome documentation & great maintaining. I'm going to keep contributing to some of the projects and I just want to wipe off the memory of a couple of other projects.
It's all part of the journey...

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November & beyond

I plan on working on my website, writing tech related articles, pumping leetcode, working on my origami skills and ofcourse, contributing to open source.
A sword that I made right before writing this article

Here's my Github profile:

Azanul (Azanul Haque) · GitHub

Azanul has 46 repositories available. Follow their code on GitHub.



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Great article on Hacktoberfest!

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Azanul Haque

Thanks a lot!!!

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