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Flask Project Creator (fpc)

I start working on flask and found there is nothing to structure my project for me. I start reading and found some best practices and decide to create a new tool that did that work for me next time and for others also.


This is an opensource project and I am still working on it by now require some help from flask experts Please look once in the project and help me for making it a promising project for others.

This is my first opensource project
so I know documentation is not good (worst) I am working on it and make sure with your help that become a great project.

Github link:

Tell me how I create documentation and move this further please raise issues as much as you can.

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If your goal is to have this be open-source and have people contribute, might I suggest adding a proper README that describes how to use this and how to set it up. As it stands right now there is no documentation for a potential user to use, in order to test it out.

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Ayushnita Author

Sure I will ASAP