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From VPC to LAMP: My Journey with AWS Academy Cloud Architecting Capstone Project.

AWS Academy Cloud Architecting 2.x - Capstone Project is an excellent way for aspiring cloud architects to gain hands-on experience with AWS cloud services. In this project, I created a MySQL RDS database instance, create a Cloud9 environment, install a LAMP web server on Amazon Linux2, and import, connect the database.

The project consists of four tasks that require different steps to be completed. The first task involves inspecting the pre-existing VPC, subnets, security groups, and AMI. It is essential to collect the Private and Public subnet Info in the open VPC.

Current Architecture Design

The second task requires creating a MySql RDS database instance. The first step in this task is to create Subnet Groups, followed by creating the database. To create the Subnet Group, I navigated to the RDS service in AWS and chose the Subnet Groups option. After that, I added the subnet by selecting us-east-1a (private subnet 1) and us-east-1b1b (private subnet 2) with and Private subnet1 and Private subnet2, respectively. Then, I created a database by choosing the database creation method and other required details such as the Master username, Master password, DB instance class, storage, and connectivity.

RDS Database Created

The third task required creating a Cloud9 environment. To do this, I navigated to the Cloud9 service and created an environment by providing a name, configuring the settings, and reviewing the environment. I then selected the Amazon Linux 2 platform and specified the VPC and subnet.

The fourth and final task was to install a LAMP web server on Amazon Linux2 and import the database. In this task, I prepared the LAMP server by updating the packages and installing LAMP. Then, I downloaded the project assets, unzipped the PHP code, and copied the code to /var/www/html/. After that, I imported the database by downloading it and adding an inbound rule to the Example-DB security group. Finally, I connected to the RDS database using the Cloud9 machine and imported the database.

Cloud9 Syntax

Cloud9 Syntax

In conclusion, the AWS Academy Cloud Architecting 2.x - Capstone Project is a comprehensive project that provides hands-on experience with AWS cloud services. Completing the project requires careful attention to detail, and the steps involved are essential to creating a functional cloud environment. Overall, the project was challenging but rewarding, and I would recommend it to anyone interested in cloud architecture.

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