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Ayodeji Akintubi
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How I Transitioned into Tech at 40: The Journey and the Challenges

From toiling as a well digger, navigating the streets as a commercial motorcyclist, to molding blocks under the scorching sun, my life was a relentless struggle for meager rewards.

At 40, I stood at a crossroads, seeking a new path to transform my life. Living on #30,000 (about $15 then) as a family man was depressing. I was living from hand to mouth.

A simple Facebook post changed the narrative for good.
Embracing an audacious decision, I embarked on a remarkable journey into the world of technology.

The transition from manual labor to the realm of coding and innovation was both exhilarating and daunting.

Amidst the odds, I braved the challenges of poor electricity and network connectivity, determined to rewrite my destiny and unravel the untapped potential of Tech.

Let me share my story.

Fate's Twist: From Block Maker to Tech Writer

In 2010, life's circumstances led me to Ibadan, West Africa's largest city, in search of a better living. To make ends meet, I embraced manual block making, thinking it would be a temporary solution.

However, it became my sole income source, alongside well digging and commercial motorcycling.

Then, a simple Facebook post altered my path forever. At 40, I stumbled upon a chance to become a freelance writer. Despite doubts and imposter syndrome, I seized the opportunity, messaging the poster with my basic Itel 2020 phone. He scheduled a Facebook meeting for all applicants.

About 30 minutes before the meeting time on the interview day, I was tens of kilometers away from home Only God knows how I covered that distance in 45 minutes against the regular 1 hour.

After the interview, the employer gave me a chance because I had "the potential but rusty." He gave me a lifeline on a platter of gold and I took it with both hands and a grateful heart.

Although obstacles such as poor electricity, network connectivity, and family responsibilities tried to hinder my journey, determination prevailed.

My mentor guided me into a new career as I approach 41. Today, I thrive as a technical writer, having delved into web development along the way, a career twist that was way beyond my wildest imagination some 7 years ago.

The blocks I once molded are now stepping stones to a brighter future as a web developer cum technical writer.

The highlight of my Tech career was when one of my Tech articles made it to Googles first page. It was a dream come true

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The journey into Tech at 40 reshaped my life and unleashed newfound possibilities. Despite the obstacles of inadequate electricity and network woes, I conquered them with determination and perseverance.

Today, I stand as a testament to the transformative power of embracing change and pursuing a passion that defies age and circumstances.

Nothing should stand on your way to greatness. Turn those obstacles into stepping stones.

Don't let the sky be your limit but your springboard to greater heights.

Remember, na who give up fuck up (Don't give up but keep trying until you make it).

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