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Build You Kubernetes Playground in less than 5 minute for FREE!!

As a Kubernetes Administrator, Developer or Security Specialist. You may need to launch Clusters, Pods, Services, PVs, PVCs and other objects on the fly for testing purposes. This Repo will help you to launch Kubernetes Clusters, Execute kubectl Commands and Apply Kubernetes Manifest files in less than 5 minute from you browser on any platform (PC, Laptop, Tablet, Ipad or even from you SmartPhone) for FREE!!



Sign up for a new account in Linode

  • Get 100$ free credit

Create a new Linode Kubernetes Engine (LKE)

  • Go to Kubernetes -> Create Cluster -> Add 3 Dedicated 4 GB Nodes
  • Enter the Cluster Label, Select the Region and Kubernetes Latest Stable Version
  • Click Create Cluster

Image description

Copy your KubeConfig Manifest file

  • Go to Kubernetes -> Cluster Name -> View -> Copy

Image description

Encode KubeConfig Manifest file

  • Using online tool base64encode -> Paste you KubeConfig base64 -> Click Encode
  • Copy the KubeConfig base64 Manifest

Sign up for new account in Gitpod

  • Get a free 50 hours/month

Add KubeConfig Variable

  • Go to Gitpod Dashboard -> Settings -> Variables -> New Variable
  • Enter the Variable Name K8S_CONFIG
  • Enter the Value with the output of the KubeConfig base64 Manifest
  • Enter the Scope */*
  • Click Add Variable

Image description

Install Gitpod Extenstion

Fork this Repo

  • It is better to have your own repo which will be cloned to the Gitpod workspace so go to the Repo and Click on the fork button

Create Gitpod Workspace

  • It is time to launch your Gitpod workspace so go to the Repo and Click on the Gitpod button
  • Wait for the workspace docker container to be launched and vscode to be loaded

Execute Kubectl commands, Apply Kubernetes Manifest files and Have Fun!!

gitpod /workspace/KubernetesGitpodWorkspace (main) $ kubectl get nodes
NAME                          STATUS   ROLES    AGE     VERSION
lke54567-85543-6228b8a278cf   Ready    <none>   7m48s   v1.22.6
lke54567-85543-6228b8a28f6f   Ready    <none>   7m44s   v1.22.6
lke54567-85543-6228b8a2a531   Ready    <none>   7m44s   v1.22.6
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Caution!! Cleanup your resources

  • Don't forget to delete Gitpod Workspace!
  • Don't forget to delete Linode LKE Cluster! (Delete NOT Poweroff)

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