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How data stored in computer ?

How data stored in computer ?

( Summary i used to remember this as a reference )

Data comes in different forms including numbers, text, audio, video, all data types are transformed into uniform representation called a bit pattern;

  • the numbers changed to binary system before being stored in computer memory.

  • A piece of text in any language is a sequence of symbols, we can represent each symbol with bit pattern, different sets of bit patterns have been designed to represent text symbols, like UniCode that uses 32 bits to represent a symbol.

  • Audio is a representation of sound or music, audio is an analog data, we can’t record an infinite number of values in interval, we can only record some samples, the values measured for each sample is a real number.

  • Storage of images is done by using two different techniques: raster graphics and vector graphics.

  • Video is representation of images (called frames) in time. A movie is a series of frames shown one after another to create illusion of continuous motion.

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