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Starting A Clone Project 1

My academic course is coming to an end soon, and it's time to prepare myself for getting a job. One crucial step is of course to have a portfolio with "excellent" projects. Our school advisor highly recommends we include a clone project.

There seems to be several types of clone projects, but basically a clone project is creating a copy of an existing webpage. It's not like cloning somebody's git repository, and pushing it to yours and deploying it as it is your project. No. Being able to create an exact same layout (or even functions) can be a proof that you can code.

One of my classmates asked me to do a clone project together. She suggested that we create one with a few more friends and practice using GitHub. How smart! I've wanted to learn about pulling, pushing, merging, and solving conflicts on GitHub, but I need someone to do so. A clone project is not that difficult, so combining it with practicing GitHub would definitely be a perfect idea.

This blog is going to be a learning journal. I'll keep track of what steps we take, what difficulties I have, what solutions I find, and the like.

Through this project, I really hope that I'll acquire the skills of coding, GitHub, and teamwork.

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