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A Clone Project 2

We've started this project with four members. One of us has great knowledge and naturally she became a leader.

Here's our plan:
Week 0 - Decide what webpage we clone
Week 1 - Decide libraries and frameworks to use
Assign each member sections to work on
Week 2 - Finish coding and merging on GitHub
Week 3 - Complete our project

We've had three meetings so far. We discussed details, we practiced fetching, pulling, pushing, and merging as well as resolving a merge conflict, and we tried to familiarize ourselves with issues.

I never get overconfident on anything, but I found that I knew much much much much less about GitHub than I thought. I was especially misunderstanding branches and Gitflow, so I list all that I've learned.

GitHub / repository

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main = default branch
When we create a repo, we get one base branch.

head branch (We name the branch)
We create a new branch to work.

main -> create a new branch -> add/code
-> "put it back to main" = merge/pull request
-> delete the head branch

Command Line / Terminal

$ git branch --List all branches
main --Green means the current branch

$ git checkout example1 --Switch branch

$ git checkout -b example2 --Create + switch to a new branch

( code -> git add . -> git commit -m "add some message" )

$ git checkout main --Move to a main branch to pull

$ git merge example2 --Better to check the current branch

$ git branch -d example2 --Delete example2 branch

$ git push --Might get an instruction. Follow it

GitHub / repository

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Image description

When merging with admin, make sure to choose develop, not main

We completed this project without any merge conflicts. We were happy with our project. Throughout this group project, I learned a lot about how to use GitHub, how to work as a team, and how to write clean, readable code

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