What new skills have you learned in 2019?

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This year, I have learned so much as a web developer that I cannot completely make the list.
Last year, I knew mostly Node.Js (and I had barely started to scratch the surface) so I knew barely anything in front-end. This year, after having learned of GIS development (ArcGiS API, Leaflet), I learned ReactJS, Webpack, SCSS, many design patterns and best practices, ...
I feel like a new person, and I am excited by the idea of everything I could learn in 2020.

And you ? What skills have you learned this year ?

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This is my first year as a professional developer at a big company. Thus, the most valuable skills I have learned have been soft skills. Communicating with my peers, making work friends, and learning how to be a good listener. I am still working on being comfortable asking for help when I get stuck. This year was a great year and I have become more independent and confident in my skills. Cheers.


Great skills to learn :) cheers to you!
What were the sizes of the team you were in? I have never really worked as a developer in a big company, and often in team not more than 2.


Our team size is about 40 with half of them being developers. It has been an incredible opportunity, even if it has not always been perfect. I have learned about what it is like to work as a large company and how that compares to working on my own projects. It has given me insight which will certainly help me to know what I want in my next position and what to look for. I consider myself lucky, my team has some great people and I am just trying to develop some good relationships so I can enjoy them as much as I can.

Wow! Now I'm interested. I have no idea how it is to work in this kind of context. How do you communicate with others? How are the task dispersed among the members of the teams? What methods on code writing did you have to learn? like pair programming, or clean code methods? I have just recently tried to start to participate in OpenSource projects to learn how it is to work in large conditions (and because open sources is important). I have read, and heard about thoses methods of work in large teams, but it is still very abstract in my head.

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