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Discussion on: I feel like the quality of posts in Dev is deteriorating

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AxelleDRouge • Edited

Indeed, I have noticed the same trend too.
It's a shame, I have learned a lot on this platform. Now my reference to search for articles to read are the notifications of users I follow and I skip the feed to go directly to week or month. I thought that it was because I was not interested in beginners posts anymore, and it was most of the content.
I would agree with the idea of blacklisting or maybe filtering a tag. I prefer to read detailed and well written articles, and I keep the references list in my reading list, which is more like a library now to go back to when need.
But it could be difficult to change without risking losing the beginners. Logically, if by example, the post are "lifted" by readers, the one written by users already with a lot of followers and well-known will be more valued than new writers. Like on YouTube, a new writer would have a harder time becoming seen, and would need to be helped by a writer already with more followers.
We have a tag for beginners, but not necessarly (or I have not seen it) for higher levels. The tags by themes are many with the concept of giving weight to some of them, but the beginner webdev are overwhelming nonetheless. And I find the pages for tags less interesting, even if I go regularly to the gamedev one. Maybe it could be managed like the search system on or ? with a ton of search possibilities (by likes, by dates, by theme, by user, by genre, or exclude a tag,....)