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What Do You Do To Celebrate a Big Accomplishment?

awwsmm profile image Andrew (he/him) ・1 min read

Just this evening, I finished a big project at work that I've been working on by myself for almost a year. It's not perfect and there are lots of places where I would want to improve / extend it, but it works! I'm really happy that I've been able to get it up and running.

What should I do to celebrate? Do you have any traditions / rituals you or your team do when you finish a project?


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Personal achievements, steak. More recently since I've been promoted a few times, this steak:

(photo from TripAdvisor)

45 ounce steak

Like, my boyfriend is going for his CCNA in 10 days, so we'll celebrate that with this steak. It's 45 ounces of awesome since he lets me order it medium rare (and not his medium well...).

My team at work tends to have a mandatory fun session, which ends up rarely being real fun. Like arcade and bowling and laser tag and happy hours with 1 drink.


Steaks are a rare medium well done! That looks like a beast of a steak.


Did you hear about the psychic with dwarfism who escaped from jail?

The headlines read "Small Medium at Large"


Oh wow, that looks like a challenge!


Celebrations with teams is something super important. A common activity I have seen have been days out. I'm lucky to be at a place where after a big effort we can take a day to go to an escape room, or plan an outing or just get out of the office and reset as a team.


I think it is important to celebrate a big accomplishment with the team and the management. Unfortunately it never happens where I work now, there isn't even a meeting at the end of a project or a milestone to give everyone a praise and to look back at what we did great and where to improve.
My personal celebration is to have a longer lunch break so I can enjoy one of the parks near to the office and spend more time than usual there (I always take a walk but for no more than 30/40 minutes). It is great to have lunch with the team in some fancier place, again maybe we take a longer lunch break and go to a restaurant we can't usually go to as it is too far or expensive.


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In my previous job we did something crazy for each big success.... Buy an 1:1 Ironman figure for the openspace, go to do bodyflying (super cool) in a city 400km away, rent a pirate boat to have a costumed party ...


I rarely have huge accomplishments. As depressing as it may sound, i lead a bit different life.

Being a father i see big achievements every day from my kids. They start to talk, walk, use the toilet, the everyday stuff most of you are used to. Being a husband of a teacher and a son of another one i know these are much harder than the coding stuff i do both at my $job and in private project; i simply apply what i learned during the first few years of my life.

Yes, completing a project still feels good. A bunch of fireworks go boom in my head. But my kids… they are truly awesome.


Always celebrate with something over the top & exceptional. It seems like a bad idea, but one of the best motivators is that feeling.

By rewarding correctly you will deliver more with less need to 'drive yourself'.


invite my family over for a visit (they live in another country). my parents are divorced so this means two groups which is awesome. drink with friends or people you don't hate. smoke and games. a place with live music that allows you to talk to other people is mandatory.


As a celebration, you can go to dev.to and ask a question on how to celebrate. Then reply to every answer you get.


Congrats on finishing your project!


I can't break that down but a lot of beer is involved.


I buy a new book to read whether fiction or non-fiction. I drink as much espresso as I want. And I watch the shows that I really wanted to watch but have been postponing. So 📚 ☕️ and 📺.


Drink ALL THE ESPRESSO and go on a Netflix binge! Sounds great!


Yeah, it's a perfect combination 😆


I waste my money, I'll buy things I don't normally need or I'll buy a lot of junk food as long as I indulging myself it would feel very satisfying 🦄😊


Congratulations on getting to the end of your project, that's great news!


un ouvrage n’est jamais achevé... mais abandonné


Buy myself a nice bottle of Scotch. And take a nap.


More of an Irish whiskey person, but to each his own :)


Sleep Leave Mobile/PC - Go to Park, sit on bench and breath fresh air, and do Nothing!


Binge on whatever I've been holding off for, like Video Games, Netflix, and Chocolate.


Still looking for that big accomplishment 🐼