20 Ways to Fight Impostor Syndrome

Andrew (he/him) on November 02, 2019

"All I know is that I don't know nothing." -- Jesse Michaels of Operation Ivy, channelling Socrates Trigger Warning: mild conversation about... [Read Full]
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Great stuff. I think it's really important to realise that impostor syndrome shifts and changes. There are things I do now with ease, that I once felt like an impostor at. And where I feel like an impostor today is where I'll feel competent or even excel in a couple of months or year's time.


Similarly, there are things I was great at 5 years ago that -- because I haven't practiced them in such a long time -- I'd be hopeless at now. If you don't use it, you lose it.


Truth! It's interesting to observe the re-learning process sometimes, amazing to see what comes back to you as you revisit something old.


Don't look at the hardship you are facing at present; look for the benefits you are getting in the future. image.


Great post Andrew i still battle with this imposter syndrome. If i look around me and see what others have a accomplished in this field (software engineering) ashamed. Thats the reason why i for example didn't start a blog about my experienced, writing articles etc etc. Tnx for your great posts and i definitely will follow your advise.


Every viewpoint is valid, Navid. Even if you're still just beginning, you can write about the difficulties you encounter and how you overcome them! It might help the next person who's just starting out!


Great, lots if good points. Some are not easy through. The mentor one might be the best one, but where to find one.


Dev had a mentoring program, but it's been discontinued unfortunately.

Maybe try making a post with the #help tag, requesting a mentor from the Dev community?

edit: it looks like the recommended thing to do on Dev now is to request mentorship through the listings.


Thanks. I think the first question is what I want from a mentor. Which at this point I really don't know.


Hi Gerad, Linkedin has a feature called "Career Advice" to find mentors



Great read and kudos to you for choosing that header image.


Nice to see a Fight Club quotation here :).

By the way, very interesting and clear post.

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