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System.IO.Path Class Methods in Powershell

There are a lot of great path-related functions and methods available to the [System.IO.Path] class.

Here is an example for writing a small function that changes the value of $env:PSModulePath.

function Set-PSModulePath {

Set-PSModulePath [path]
Adjust the PSModulePath env variable to your liking
Add integration with other modules so they can add their own dir
to the psmodulepath!
    [parameter(Mandatory = $false)]
# Cross-platform path-separator value
# On Windows it is `;`, on Unix-like systems it is `:`
$sep = [System.IO.Path]::PathSeparator
if ($Path) {
    Write-Host -ForegroundColor Yellow "Adjusting PSModulePath
Adding $Path to `$env:PSModulePath"
    Write-Verbose "Setting old path to `$oldPSModulePath"
    $oldPSModulePath = $env:PSModulePath
    $env:PSModulePath = "${Path}${sep}$env:PSModulePath"
    Write-Host -fore Yellow "`$env:PSModulePath is now $env:PSModulePath"
else {
    Write-Error "You did not write a Path"

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