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Free AWS Exam Retake (Q1-Q2 2024)

Image descriptionNOW is the time. Pearson VUE is offering a FREE EXAM RETAKE (if you need it). Here are a few steps listed on Pearson VUE's website to help you along the way

🔸 1/ Login to your AWS Certification Account or create an account

🔸 2/ Schedule your AWS Certification exam with Pearson VUE before April 15, 2024. Retake must be taken before June 30, 2024 for the promo code to be valid.

🔸 3/ Register for your exam: Proceed to checkout and pay for your exam applying the promo code during checkout. Get your promo code below so you have the assurance of getting a free exam retake in case you need it!

🔸 4/ Prepare for your exam: From start to certified, gain confidence going into exam day with AWS Skill Builder's trusted exam prep resources, curated by the experts at AWS.

Use the link below to check Pearson VUE's website for full details, including retake terms and conditions. Good luck on your exam!

Happy Learning & Happy Got Certified!!!

Free AWS Exam Retake

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