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The Operational Excellence Collection

A list of my operational excellence related blog posts.

Series on Operational Excellence

It takes three interconnecting elements to operate the technology we build successfully. First, you need to have the right culture. Second, you need great tools. And third, you need complete processes.

Part 1 of the series covers the cultural side of Operational Excellence (OE) and examined Amazon’s culture in the context of its Leadership Principles (LPs). Part 2 discusses the role that tools play in achieving OE. Part 3 covers the final aspect to operational excellence — processes — or what we call mechanisms.

Below is the AWS Summit 2020 recording of my presentation on this topic. For more details, read the blog posts :)

Part 1 — Customers, Culture, and why you should care.

Towards Operational Excellence— Part 1

Part 2 — On the importance of tools

Towards Operational Excellence — Part 2

Part 3 — Mechanisms

Towards Operational Excellence — Part 3

Incident Postmortem Template

Incident Postmortem Template

Operational Readiness Review Template

Operational Readiness Review Template

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