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open source @ reInvent 2019

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So, with reInvent drawing to close and many of the attendees recovering from the after party (re:Play), I thought I would put together a curated list of the open source sessions that have been running this week.

We had a great variety of open source sessions, covering topics from data and data analytics to robotics. If you missed these sessions, you can check out the videos in this post below. They are sorted by category to help you find those that are of most interest to you.

Mobile and Front End development

I will kick off with the "Leadership session on innovation in mobile and web app development". This session covers AWS Amplify (including the newly announced Amplify Datastore) and GraphQL and showcases how a couple of customers are using these technologies. View the video here ->

In this state of the union, find out about AWS Amplify and what new features have been released in 2019 ->

One of the hot sessions from reInvent was the session on "Building modern APIs with GraphQL". Check out the video here ->

"Developing serverless GraphQL architectures using AWS AppSync" provides a customer story (BMW) and a deep dive on how to use GraphQL with the broader AWS services - >

"Production grade full stack apps with AWS Amplify" walks through a sample use case and how you can use AWS Amplify and GraphQL to build production grade applications. You can then check out the project via the GitHub repo too ->

A great deep dive on AWS Amplify (including native IOS/Android and Datastore), check out this session "Speed up native mobile development with AWS Amplify" -


There were a number of great sessions covering the AWS Cloud Development Kit (CDK) - this deep dive video ( but my favourite session (Contributing to the construct library) has yet to be uploaded, so I will update as and when it has.

Probably my favorite session - in this session you will learn how to contribute to CDK, including running through a sample PR -

Data and Data Analytics

The leadership session on analytics and data lakes by Andi Gutmans covered a lot of the open source technologies that customers can use, including some of the new announcements and features during preInvent. Well worth starting off with this ->

"One query language for all your data" introduces PartiQL and how it is used in several AWS services such as Amazon Redshift, Amazon S3 select and Amazon QLDB. This session also covers the open source project and how you can get involved

With the recently addition of Apache Hudi in EMR, this session covers common use cases that drove the creation of this project and how you can get started. Check out the video here ->

There were plenty of session on Open Distro for Elasticsearch; as security is job zero, why not start with the session on securing your Open Distro for Elasticsearch cluster (

In the session "Responding to customer needs in real time with Amazon MSK", learn about the foundations of real time analytics and find out how Adobe are using Amazon MSK in their Adobe Experience Platform - check out the video here ->

There were some great sessions covering open source database technologies. In the "Leadership session: AWS purpose built databases", the second part of the session does a deeper dive and demo of Amazon Managed Apache Cassandra. If you want to know more about MySQL in AWS Aurora, this deep dive session is for you: AWS Aurora with MySQL compatibility -> and more open source database goodness with this session on PostgresSQL; self managed, managed and serverless -


Are you running or managing linux desktops? Have you been exploring how to provide and provision these as virtual desktops? This session provides an overview of Amazon’s Linux Workspaces for Enterprise, how to prepare and how to build custom images for your users. If you want to know more about this, check out the video here -> If you want to know more about the Amazon Linux roadmap, you can also check out the last part of this session (starts at 40:00) -


Find out more about Firecracker and how AWS partners such as Weaveworks are able to innovate by contributing to this project. Some interesting stats about Firecracker;

  • As of November 22nd, 100 contributions from 48 open source contributors to the project (18% of total contributions) as well as bug and feature requests, RFC feedback
  • AWS Lambda runs trillions of invocations per month running on top of Firecracker

Check out the video here ->

Containers (and Machine Learning & Containers)

For container fans, this session should be on your watch list - Running Kubernetes at Amazon Scale using Amazon EKS -

"Running Kubernetes containers at scale (with Square)" ->

"Implementing ML workloads on Kubernetes with Amazon Sagemaker" ->
"Building machine learning infrastructure on Amazon EKS with kubeflow" ->


An in-depth tour of AWS SAM - this is a great session, expertly delivered by Alex Wood - and then if that whet your appetite and you want to go through an in-depth demo, check out AWS SAM toolkit; -

Machine Learning

If you are interested in TensorFlow, then you will be interested in this very low level session on scaling they TensorFlow and Sagemaker workloads.

Internet of Things

Amazon freeRTOS was covered in a couple of sessions, in both "Whats new with AWS IoT Device software" ( and "Bringing intelligence to the edge for connected home use cases" (


In this session, learn about Corretto and migrating AWS Lambda’s front end from Java 8 to Java 11 - >

Emerging technologies

Blockchain - Find out more about our approach to enterprise blockchain and how we leverage open source projects such as Hyperledger. This session addresses what is blockchain, do you need a blockchain and Amazon’s view of blockchain, and we are joined by Brian Behlendorf, the executive director of the hyperledger project at the linux foundation. You can find the video here ->

Robotics - In this Leadership session, Roger Barga from AWS and Chris Morgan from Toyota Advanced Robotics introduce Robotics to the beginner, outline how AWS RoboMaker can bring modern application development techniques to help accelerate robotics development and then Chris walks us through some great use case and examples of Robotics today. Video link -> . Find more about ROS2, what the key changes are and some practical guidance on how to approach developing your robotics applications -> . If you want to learn more about trends and innovations in robotics technologies, covering drones, robotic arms and unmanned ground vehicles, then you need to check out this session - "Innovation in robotics; Insights from NASA JPL and AWS" -

Open Source program office

For those interesting in how you approach managing open source projects, either consuming or contributing, then we had a great session about how to work with security and open source projects. This is a must see session and you will learn best practices to ensure that security is your number one priority when working with open source software.

Keep up to date with open source at AWS

I hope this summary has been useful. I have looked for all the sessions that have been uploaded, but if I have missed a session you attended, the video has been uploaded and think it should be added, please comment or get in touch and I will update this summary. Remember to checkout the Open Source homepage to keep up to date with all our activity in open source. You can find the homepage here.

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