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Nader Dabit for AWS

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Full Stack Machine learning on AWS: Reading Text from an Image with AWS Amplify & Amazon Rekognition

In this video you'll learn how to use AWS Amplify, Amazon Rekognition, and Amazon Textract to add machine learning capabilities to your next React application.

The application we'll build will allow users to upload an image to read text from the image. The app will then send the image to the Rekognition or Textract API and return the response back to the client. The React app will then render the response to the UI in the form of text.

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gastonduarte profile image

I didn't know about it. It's really cool tech.

dabit3 profile image
Nader Dabit

Awesome to hear!

herrbertling profile image
Markus Siering

This is so ridiculously easy :D Thanks for the quick rundown!