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Front End Flash from AWS Amplify

Hello and welcome to the AWS Amplify community roundup post!

Amplify is a set of tools for frontend and mobile developers to build, ship, and host full-stack applications on AWS.

This post is meant to be a place where you can find the latest information on Amplify, AppSync - our fully managed GraphQL service, and all things frontend and mobile! We’ll be showcasing our latest tutorials, guides, conference talks and some future plans we have in place.

Why a Post?

Many internal and external teams at Amplify create great content. From our developer advocate team to marketing, docs, solution architects and our community members. This content has an amazing amount of insight that I'd like to share with all of you!

This post will help highlight that content, and hopefully help educate you on what we offer.


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Creating SaaS Applications With AppSync and Amplify!

Have you ever imagined creating a software as a service (Saas) startup? Did you know Amplify has all the tools you need to get started? Check out this tweet from Ryan!

Image description

It’s really nice to see real people using AWS Amplify to solve their problems. I really liked how Ryan used Amplify and the AWS Free Tier with AWS Startups to get thousands of free credits!

Michael Liendo talked about this very subject recently during the AWS Developer Innovation Day!

Build a full-stack, fully typed app with GraphQL and AWS AppSync (fast forward to 01:26:50)

Make sure you watch some of the other talks too, you’ll get a good idea of many of the innovations that AWS provides.

He also open source his contributions so you can take a look at his code on Github!

MicroSaas Backend

Building Modern Apps With Amplify

The non-stop innovations in the web space amazes me. Every month there is a new library or framework that I must try out! Here at AWS we want to meet developers where their at. We want you to build on modern tooling and frameworks and not worry about the infrastructure. Here are some tutorials and guides that follow these principles.

Astro, SolidJS and Data With Amplify

Have you tried out Astro or SolidJS? Christian Nwamba recently published two excellent tutorials on how to deploy a SolidJS and Astro Blog to Amplify hosting!

Deploy a SolidJS App With AWS Amplify


Deploy an Astro Blog With AWS Amplify

Christian also created an excellent video on how to work with data APIs, and how to get the correct types from the backend to the frontend using AWS AppSync.

Better Developer Experience When Working With Data APIs

Sign In With Google With Amplify Authenticator

A very common use case that we often see in modern web development is logging in with Google. This allows customers with a Google account to login with a few clicks.

Amplify supports this feature, and in the following shorts Erik Hanchett shows how you can add this to your website in minutes!

Add A Sign In With Google To Your Website Part 1

Add A Sign In With Google To Your Website Part 2

Erik has also been busy live streaming building a full-stack app! He’s been using a modern stack including, Amplify services, Next.js, AppSync, lambdas and more! You can find him live streaming weekly on his YouTube channel on Fridays, or you can watch his last two videos on demand!

Building a full-stack app with Authenticator Live streamed April 6

Building a full-stack app with Authenticator Live streamed April 14

Flutter and Cross Platform Development

Did you know we have a Flutter library that works directly with Amplify services? And we just recently updated our docs site with instructions on how to create a budget tracking app?

In this video Muhammed Salih Güler talks about cross platform development, how how the Amplify Flutter library works!

CB Community Flutter

Salih has also been busy live streaming! Check out his last live stream on using the Flame Engine with Flutter!

Flame Engine Live Stream Livestream April 6

Storage Manager and Liveness

In April we launched our new Storage Manger UI and Face Liveness components!

Image description

The Liveness component helps deter fraud by using our Amazon Rekognition service. You may want to use a service like this for an ID verification system or for fraud detection. This is built into our React, Flutter, Android and Swift libraries.

Image description

The Amplify UI StorageManger has been released for general availability! This file uploader makes it straight forward to upload files directly to S3, with only a few lines of boilerplate code!

Where in the World is Amplify ✈️ ?

The developer advocate team has been busy traveling!

Muhammed Salih Güler will be giving a talk on June 2 at Flutter Connection in Paris! Stop on by and find Salih so you can learn about Amplify and Flutter! He'll also be at the AWS Summit in Amsterdam on June 1st and Flutter Berlin on June 7th.

From May 31 - June 2, Michael Liendo and Erik Hanchett are giving talks at RenderATL in Atlanta! Amplify will be sponsoring the conference so please look for our AWS booth and say hi if you’re at the conference

Erik will also be giving a talk on May 24 - 26 - at VueConf US 2023 in New Orleans! Erik will have some stickers on him, so feel free to stop him and grab some.

If you’re a part of the community builders program with AWS, you can also here Michael Liendo give a talk on MicroSaaS architecture on May 24th! We are always looking for more community developers so feel free to signup and you might be chosen!


As you can see we’ve had a busy few months! What content would you like to see? Leave a comment or tweet me at @ErikCH! Thanks

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