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Five Tutorials To Create Your Fullstack Apps Using AWS Amplify Gen 2

AWS Amplify Gen 2 is the next generation of tooling from Amplify! It’s a new code-first developer experience that helps frontend developers create fullstack applications on AWS. You can now author your frontend and backend definition completely in TypeScript, create ephemeral sandbox environments to test against, and deploy to production using Git branch-based environments.

Since we’ve entered into developer preview at the end of last year a lot of content has been created! Let’s jump in!

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Introducing The Next Generation of AWS Amplify’s Fullstack Development Experience

Amplify has unveiled a code-first way to develop fullstack applications. This post deep dives into why we decided to go this direction and how to get started. If you are looking for a overview of Gen 2, here is the place!

The guide to set up NextJS Authentication and data fetching with AWS Amplify Gen2

This post describes how to add auth and data to your application using Amplify Gen 2. This step-by-step tutorial covers creating a new Next.js 14 application, adding in Gen 2, and setting up authentication. It also shows how to use middleware to protect routes and use the generateClient API to add and list data from the backend.

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How To Create A Full Stack Typesafe App With No Knowledge! Using AWS Gen2 and Next.js 14!

This video describes how to create a fullstack application using Gen 2 with Next.js 14. In it, Erik creates a protected Next.js 14 application using auth. The application helps you store titles and allows multiple users to leave comments. Viewers will learn how to create, update, list, and delete comments and titles, as well as how to setup dynamic routes. All of this backed by Gen 2, and AWS AppSync.

The future of web development: AWS Amplify’s Code First Approach

This extended article describes what Amplify Gen 2 is, the problems frontend developers face with fullstack applications, and how to resolve them. Christian uses several code examples to illustrate how to use Gen 2, extend its functionality and how to use it in your next project.

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How To Add A Social Login To Your Website Using AWS!

This advanced tutorial describes how to extend Amplify Gen 2’s functionality to add a Github social login. It deep dives into OAuth, OIDC, authorization and authentication. It describes how AWS Amplify Cognito, as well as identity providers can work together with Gen 2 to create social logins.


There you have it! Five different tutorials on how to use AWS Amplify Gen 2! Please leave a comment below if you’ve tried Gen 2! Thanks

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