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Builders Guide to AWS Summit Online India 2022

For the last many years, I have had privilege to attend, speak and even curate agenda at AWS Summits, open/free tech conferences, that happen globally. This year I have been more closely involved and it gives me immense happiness to showcase what we have in store for you. This is a great conference to meet and network with similar minded enthusiasts about technology we all love.

Event highlights

Just like last 2 years, the AWS Summit Online India 2022 is a 2-day virtual technical conference, on Wednesday 25th May, and Thursday, 26th May; with opening keynotes starting from 9am IST.
And this is amazing as anyone from anywhere across the world can attend sessions and build network. Registration for the event is free, so go ahead and sign up for the event here.

The Summit will offer 150+ educational sessions, technical demonstrations, and keynotes featuring the the VP of AI at AWS Dr. Matt Wood with other AWS business leaders and AWS customers like Tally, ICICI Lombard, Apollo tyres and more.

Our AWS Community Hero for DevTools, Bhuvaneshwari Subramani, is presenting in the Day 1 Keynote.

The sessions are divided into 17 tracks with themes like AI/ML, Big Data, Cloud Security, Compute Anywhere along with 5 experiential zones - exam readiness sessions Training & Certification, deep dive demos in Builders Fair and Startup Central. Pick and join any sessions you wish based on the detailed Agenda on the event website.

Attend the Summit to know more about what is happening in the Cloud Computing space and how India is using AWS to build innovative applications. Most of the sessions have AWS customers across India talking about how they have been using AWS in their real-world solutions.

Sessions are labelled from Level 100, i.e. introductory level to level 400 i.e. expert level. So, attend sessions depending on your level of knowledge ranging from L100 - L400.

Community track

I am happy to introduce you to the 'Build on AWS' track where for the first time ever, our community members are presenting in the AWS Summit India, alongside me. We will present advanced deep dive sessions on topics like Containers, Serverless, DevOps, Data Lakes and more.

  • Architecting for sustainability Level: 300 | Advanced

I will be presenting this session, where I will dive deep into techniques recommended by the AWS Well-Architected Framework Sustainability pillar and provide direction on reducing the energy and carbon impact of AWS architectures. Learn about best practices, which organisations of any size can apply to their workloads and how to review the new Customer Carbon Footprint Tool report with a demo.
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  • End-to-End CI/CD at scale with infrastructure-as-code on AWS Level: 300 | Advanced

AWS DevTools Hero - Bhuvaneswari Subramani, dives deep into building a production ready, multi-account, at scale CI/CD pipeline using your own Jenkins, with infrastructure-as-code using AWS CloudFormation, and discuss best practices for building DevOps capabilities for your container applications running on AWS.

  • Just-in-time worker nodes for Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service using Karpenter Level: 300 | Advanced

AWS Container Hero - Dijeesh Padinharethil, will demonstrate how Karpenter simplifies Kubernetes infrastructure with the right nodes at the right time. Karpenter is an open-source, flexible, high-performance Kubernetes cluster autoscaler built with AWS

  • Build serverless apps with SAM Accelerate and SAM Pipelines Level: 300 | Advanced

AWS Community Builder - Jones Zachariah Noel N, demonstrates how to use SAM templates to manage serverless infrastructure as code. He will share best practices for using the AWS SAM CLI and the recently announced AWS SAM Accelerate to develop and debug serverless applications on your local machine. He will also showcase the ease of CI/CD workflows with SAM pipelines to multiple staging environments.

  • Build performant, scalable and secure GraphQL APIs Level: 300 | Advanced

AWS Community Hero - Dipali K, and AWS UG Delhi leader - Rajat Arora, take you through security best practices for your GraphQL API’s with AWS AppSync, and Amazon Cognito for easy management, improved performance, and observability.

  • Build sustainable applications on AWS using Rust Level: 200 | Intermediate

AWS Solutions Architect Developer Specialist - Sundararajan Narasiman, will dive into the “super powers” of Rust, hear about the work ahead to give those powers to every engineer, and learn about the ways in which you can contribute. He will cover how to build a lambda function using Rust and deploy to AWS.

  • Build a data lake with AWS Lake Formation Level: 200 | Intermediate

AWS Community Builder - Sanchit Jain, will explore data lake challenges and how AWS Lake Formation can help you. If you're a developer, DBA, or a data engineer who works with data, this session is for you.

  • Build a real time pipeline to ingest streaming data Level: 300 | Advanced

AWS Data Hero - Sridevi Murugayen, will look at how you can build streaming data analytics pipelines that speed up time to information from hours to seconds. She will discuss how streaming-data services like Amazon Kinesis are used to capture and analyse data in real time from hundreds of sources, with AWS Lambda, stored in Amazon S3, then process it with Amazon EMR and deliver it to your Amazon Redshift data warehouse.

Goodies up for grab

I would recommend watching few noteworthy sessions live. The live experience will get you an opportunity to connect with peers, tech enthusiasts, ask questions to experts, and last but not the least, win swags.

You are eligible for the certificate of attendance, as long as you complete watching 5 sessions or more during the conference and you stand a chance to win $25 AWS credits too. Also, watch 2 or more express trainings in the Training & Certification Zone and be amongst the first 2000 to get the discount certification voucher!

Sign up for the free event today and cheer your fellow community members!

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