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Bhuvaneswari Subramani for AWS Heroes

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Infor's 20th Anniversary celebration turned an everlasting memory

Infor's 20th-anniversary celebration was catching up the attention of employees across the world. Hyderabad office was super excited about the new office launch and geared up to welcome the guest of honour, Executive Leadership Team, Kevin Samuelson, Soma Somasundaram, John Frank and Ben Perry.

First and foremost, I was delighted to be a part of Infor's 20th-anniversary celebration. Thanks to Renu for the invite.

Valuable Women Leaders of Infor

Marking a decade-long journey with Infor exploring #DevOps, #performanceengineering at scale, #awscloud at depth and being part of the 20th-anniversary celebration at Infor #hyderabad office is a wonderful experience, meet and greet with our Executive Leadership Team, Kevin Samuelson, Soma Somasundaram, John Frank and Ben Perry 💐
Proud to be a #WomanofInfor and be recognized as a valuable #WomenLeader at #infor


AWS Rockstar of Infor
I am truly honoured and humbled to receive the AWS Hero award from an inspirational leader when I mark my decade journey with Infor.


It was all possible for DevOps person because Vynessa Alexander, my supervisor, stood by us in our journey to the cloud.

In 2017, I became the only women speaker at first AWS Community Day in India and since then the journey has been upward and onward.

I also had the privilege to present at AWS reInvent Las Vegas for three consecutive years. While working on Infor Nexus' use case presentations, I receive a lot of insights from senior leaders Tom, Adam, Mark, Jackson, and Anthony. Despite their packed schedule at reInvent, I was fortunate to have these leaders in the front row to witness my talk. Thats the support and encouragement I always had.

Before every presentation goes live, I have two reviewers - my boys who watch me do slides at home, and my teammates. Yes, we learn a lot from each other and we also had the joy of presenting together. 3 hour performance workshop with 3 first time speakers for couple of engineering colleges was certainly a highlight during the pandemic.

My passion for technical presentations and creative writing along with cloud knowledge & community spirit has paved the way to several honours from AWS and Infor. The crown of all, today from Infor as an "AWS Hero." is heart warming.

Proud to be a #WomanOfInfor and receive AWS Rock Star of Infor

Posts Valuable Women Leader:
Posts AWS Rockstar of Infor:

Always treasure and appreciate the support and encouragement from my supervisor and thanks to Vynessa for featuring the award as part of Infor Nexus Townhall hosted by leadership team.


It was an absolute pleasure to meet and greet lots of Inforians whom I have been interacting virtually over years.

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