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Bhuvaneswari Subramani for AWS Heroes

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Featured in GreatLearning's CloudCast

Success is not an overnight magic but an important milestone in your journey for consistently delivering quality work.

Yes, Nov 2018 to Dec 2021 (still continues..) been a great association with GreatLearning's Post Graduate Programme in Cloud Computing(PGPCC) as a mentor, engaging with the learners over some weekends to share the best use cases, clarify their questions and brainstorm all about #awscloud, primarily focusing on Cloud Computing on AWS, Managed Services on AWS and CloudNative DevOps.

My passion for training and technical writing is exemplified through GreatLearnings. Good to spend some weekends engaging in tech conversations as a Mentor with diverse set of experts and pioneers, all at comfort of home. The only in-person attendee being my little boy, Yoogesh, who overhears most of the conversations and the side effect of that is Cloud Dev at 10 ๐Ÿ˜Š.

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Thank you so much to GreatLearnings Team for featuring me as part of your CloudCast News Letter. Thats indeed a great gesture.

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A big time fan of Entertrainer Nirmala Mukherjee's teaching and ofcourse the well thought PGPCC curriculum and delivery methodology coupled with labs and interaction with mentors.
It's pleasure to be part of the team where you have wonderful friends like Kanchan Arora, Shaurya Suman, Mamta Kajla to name a few. Thanks to Deepak Shukla and Sathyajith Bhat for introducing me to GreatLearnings.

First ever alumni meet - PGPCC Confluence was organized by GreatLearnings team brought in a great feel to mentors and learners who have been on "virtual world".

GL Alumnae meet

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