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Bhuvaneswari Subramani for AWS Heroes

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AWS re:Invent 2022 turned into a time for Celebration!

AWS re:reinvent is the time of year which brings in developers across the globe to learn what’s new in AWS and to have great conversations with fellow developers, AWS User Group Leaders and AWS Heroes.

This is my 4th re:Invent in person and excited to be part of 5 different speaking engagements including one presentation, one panel discussion, 3 interviews.

But that excitement turned a pleasant surprise and honor. I was super stoked to receive the Now Go Build 2022 Award from Amazon CTO Dr.Werner Vogels.

Table of Contents


The reInvent josh starts with registration and the time to meet and greet friends.



Now Go Build Award 2022

At every big milestone, I reiterate to myself in my mother tongue Tamil “என்னிலை சென்றாலும் தன்னிலை மறவா இனித்தொரு வரம் வேண்டும், இறைவா !!”
Which means, at every step forward and success, I seek the blessing of the almighty to stay humble and grounded.

Being an AWS Hero itself is an honour and I am super stoked to receive the prestigious Now Go Build award for my exemplary contribution to AWS Community from Dr.Werner Vogels.



Socia Media Links:
Werner's LinkedIn and Twitter Posts

What is Now Go Build Award?
Each year Amazon CTO Dr. Werner Vogels presents the Now Go Build award to recognize one of the AWS Heroes, who are highly respected in their field and who have demonstrated strong community involvement. The recipients are innovators who go above and beyond to inspire others, and act as a role model to make meaningful impact in the world of technology.

And this year, Werner presented the NGB award to me!! to recognize my leadership in the AWS community, tireless efforts to share knowledge with others through speaking engagements, mentorship, user group activities, and more.

Out of 252 AWS Heroes from 53 countries, I am super proud to receive this year’s Go Build Award in AWS Heroes Private Dinner. Infact, I am the 2nd in the world and first woman to receive this honour. Wow, what a great way to start re:Invent?
And I owe this to AWS User Group Bengaluru and AWS User Group India.

I have truly no words to say but I do have a big list of friends from AWS, community, colleagues to thank.

First and foremost its always the organizers of AWS user group Bengaluru – Jeevan Dongre, Sathyajith Bhat, Prashanth HN and Runcy Oommen who stood by me since 2017.

My gratitude always goes to Ross Barich, Ridhima Kapoor, Rohini Gaonkar, Suman Debnath, Rashmi, Shafraz, David, Ernesto and so on.

Without Team

And we are always excited about well thought SWAG and here it is.
Hero's Swag

re:invent AWS UG Lightning

Thanks to Karissa for all the best efforts in bring us together under one roof giving a knowledge sharing platform on community best practices and success stories.

I had the pleasure of presenting in AWS User Group Meeting at re:Invent addressing AWS User Group Leaders across the globe talking about How AWS Community in India reflects Unity in Diversity
India is the symbol of culture and heritage spread across 28 states, speaking 22 different languages with 24 AWS User Groups spanned across north to south and east to west. I had the opportunity to talk about the diverse perspective of how we stand united and support each other to host meetups, run AWS Community days, stand by as a speaker and also to spread positive vibes all around. Shared share few stories on how we stand together reflecting Unity in Diversity. In terms of Inclusive Community, giving a creating a platform for early developers, how WomenInTech participation soured in India AWS Community over the last 5 years.


Slide Deck – here


Shafraz's slide on APAC & Japan community contribution

Shafraz Slide


Awesome SWAGs


Journeys to a Career in the Cloud

There are many paths to a career in technology. Finding what you do well and what makes you “tick” goes a long way. I am happy to join the Panel discussion with Ivonne Roberts, USA and Chloe McAteer, UK moderated by Jen Looper, Head of Academic Advocacy at AWS, where we spoke about our unique career journeys which gave practical and inspiring insights into how one navigate theirs. Explore resilience, identifying your strengths, what to keep learning, and even how to keep learning we discussed in this panel discussion.


AWS Hero interview with AWS Hero

I was excited to be part of the video recording, featuring members of the AWS Hero community (Vanessa & Brian Tarbox) interviewing each other on thought leadership and mentorship topics, are designed to put community in ownership of conversations that encourage underrepresented and beginning builders into the field and into community to build better, together.

We got to discuss about

  • User Groups/Learning in a Community
  • Overcoming barriers/pathways into tech
  • Real life experiences: what they don’t teach you in school
  • Tech for good/the power and possibilities of the tools
  • Various roles in the cloud and the soft skills that are useful to them (ie. empathy in AI, creative thinking to solve problems)
  • Career journeys and advice

Thanks to Mark Pergola, Sr. Community Content Manager for all the support in making this possible.

Always pleasure to have your super support super boss / mentors for your session and so was Tom Sorgie and Anthony from Infor made it despite their hectic schedule


Some memories are to cherish forever in ⁦AWS re:Invent⁩ and so is Brian Tarbox, #AWSHero’s #HappyBirthday song for all of us in advance 🥰

And Brian gave an open invitation to sing online for my kids birthday 😍🙏

Interview with Linda

Interview with Linda
Looking forward to hear the conversation through her video 🥰.

re:Invent Recap

There are hundreds of sessions and launches presented at the conference, and it can be overwhelming to find the time to catch up with everything in detail. That’s why re:Invent re:Caps are the best way to catch up and learn about the latest AWS re:Invent announcements in a short and to the point manner.

Stay tuned for reInvent recap.

Who organizes it?

  • re:Invent re:Caps series are organized by AWS User Groups from all over the world
  • User Group leaders, Heroes and Community Builders and other Community Leaders

How people can join?

  • Check with your local AWS User Group or follow the link to get the list of all re:Caps organized by the AWS Community


Wonderful session by Rohini Gaonkar and Suman Debnath

SR Session




With Sathya

Team India


Loved to see our fellow AWS Hero Angela on Dr.Werner's Keynote

Some memories are to cherish forever with that motherly touch..

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