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Bhuvaneswari Subramani for AWS Heroes

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AWS re:Invent 2021 was a delight

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AWS re:Invent as usual started with magnanimous registration counters for seamless registration on Sunday - 28th Nov 2021. Completed the registration, collected the trademark hoodie, headed to speaker registration followed by Slide Deck copy edit, technical check. All set to re:Invent for a week and looking forward to present, learn and interact.


Speaking at Breat-out session

One solid reason to take all the effort to travel to reInvent 2021 was to honour the opportunity to present in Community Track on Enable continuous delivery and resiliency for a static website

And definitely that warrants a dedicated blog page - Speaking at AWS re:Invent 2021


To witness the most awaited keynote of Adam Selipsky, CEO, AWS, Swami Sivasubramanian, VP AI ML, AWS, and Dr.Werner Vogels, VP & CTO,, from the front row - reserved seating was quite interesting.

Adam's Keynote

Adam's Keynote

Thank you, Adam, for bringing the bygone memories and history to stage, then draw reference to modern #AWScloud.

Loved ⁦Linda Jojo⁩ in Adam's keynote bringing in proudly about her 60% of diverse workforce and United Airlines association with #aws. Here is one of the best moment at #reinvent. More power to you, mam!

Linda JoJo

I would want to stop and say it loudly that #awsskillbuilder and #aws re/start programs could be a game changer for larger chunk of folks who return to work after #careerbreak or who cannot afford for paid courses. Kudos to #awscloud #reinvent #womenintech

AWS Skill Builder

Here you go with Top Announcements of AWS re:Invent 2021

Dr.Werner's Keynote

AWS Heroes troop waiting to witness ⁦Dr.Werner's keynote.

AWS Heroes

Super proud to have our AWS Hero, Matt Coulter, address part of Werner's keynote and Hearty Congratulations on receiving the first Now Go Build award, and from Werner himself! Amazing!

Go Build

AWS Hero

A good experience being part of AWS Heros Booth, interacting with AWS Heroes across the globe in Heroes lounge.

Further, its great to catch-up with Jeff Barr and Werner Vogels at AWS Heroes Private dinner.

Thanks to Ross for all the arrangements to make reInvent memorable.

With Rob

AWS Community

Finally got to meet ⁦Karissa Wood in person Sridevi⁩ at #reinvent #developerlounge. Thank you so much for all your support for #awscommunity #awscommunitybuilder #awsusergroups
Start a world tour post pandemic 🥰
With Karissa

Team Infor

AWS & Infor Team at Dinner

AWS Infor Team

Happy to meet, Ravi Prakash from Infor Oakland office.
Happy to meet, Ravi Prakash


Hello Rashmi!!
We met after 2 years 😊
Mandatory Pic with Rashmi

Surprisingly, I have been lucky with raffle from Opsera, winning Airpod and AWS architecture quiz from Presidio, winning blue tooth umbrella.


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