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AWS Cost Control

lynnlangit profile image Lynn Langit ・1 min read

Published a GitHub Repo with key links for AWS Cost control tools, patterns and tips.

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This is a companion to my LinkedIn Learning course "AWS: Cost Control"

This course includes...

Learn how to use Amazon Web Services (AWS) tools and best practices to understand, forecast, and control service costs. The companion LinkedIn Learning course covers core AWS tools, such as CloudWatch billing alarms, consolidated billing with AWS Organizations, and the AWS billing dashboard tools.

Learn how to control costs through key services, such as EC2, S3, RDS, and more. Use AWS tools, and see tips and practices related to cost control in common workloads.

Learning objectives

  • Approaches to cloud service cost control
  • Why control AWS service costs?
  • Controlling costs by service
  • Starting services with CloudFormation
  • CloudWatch billing alarms
  • AWS Trusted Advisor cost control
  • Using third-party products
  • Cost control scenarios

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Interesting post, I recently finished a write on up billing essentials but using AWS budgets. In the past I had used cloudwatch with alarms on estimated charges but prefer budgets now. Keen to hear your thoughts?



agreed - as I prepare to update my course, I've been pleasantly surprised by the additional tools, services and patterns from AWS to address cost control. In particular, I am interested in adding categories (and rules) to tagging practices in combinations with budgets and still more tools.