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2022 Memorable Moments

When I shared my journey 2021, I was wondering can I do any better in future and to my surprise, I could go above and beyond my own records in 2022.

Everytime when I post in social media about the presentation in industry conferences, community sessions, or the honorary recognition received,
I wonder, is it really needed ? Am I bragging too much?

But trust me, a WomenInTech made me realize that how invaluable these little posts are to inspire and motivate all those aspiring individuals with burning desire and dream about their career.

And the storyline is like this..

A WomenInTech who was awestruck by what Bhuvana could accomplish in 2021 took a screenshot of my 2021 journey infographic and stored it on her phone as a reference.

Six months later, she came and told me about her self-transformation which included

  • The discipline she has brought to her fitness routine and shed several kgs of weight
  • Upskilled in a couple of technologies
  • Become a blogger
  • Speaker at a few external events
  • Furthermore, she advanced in her career
  • Most importantly, the confidence level and energy went up

Yes, she proved it right that if Bhuvana could do something and I can do much more.

Thereafter I became #unstoppable to share every little success to those followers / aspirants

Here are my 2022 memorable moments

  • Industry Conferences, corporates & Community Events - 19
  • Expert / Motivational Talk Educational Institutions - 8
  • Hosting / Organizing - 2
  • Featuring - article, poem, success story - 6
  • Honours / Awards - 5
  • Happily published poetry books written by my kids - 2


My suggestion to the #awscommunity, #womenintech, please keep sharing your little progress and accomplishments. You never know it could be a game changer for someone.

When you could inspire so many, its always heart-warming to give the credit to who inspired you. I drew-up inspiration from a good friend and best techie - Runcy Oommen and less he would know this fact because never discussed ๐Ÿ˜Š.

Thanks a lot to AWS User Group Bengaluru, AWS User Group Madurai, Infor, #AWSCommunity, #AWSHeroes, BIT Sathy, KIT, KSRCT, Greenway Health, Dasken IT, Capco, Little Flower school, AWS User Group Madurai, AWS User Group Coimbatore, AWS User Group Mumbai for travelling with me in this journey.

And certainly not challenging myself to set any new record in 2023.

Let me continue to Learn, Unlearn and Share as always.

As we march into a new year, wishing you all loads of success on your way with good health and happiness taking the front seat ๐Ÿ’

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