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World of serverless: AWS Lambda & EventBridge

In the world of serverless computing and event-driven architectures, AWS cloud offers powerful tools to help developers build highly responsive and scalable applications. Amazon EventBridge and AWS Lambda are two such services that, when combined, provide an elegant solution for executing Lambda functions in response to events.


EventBridge is a serverless service that simplifies the connection of application components through event-driven communication, facilitating the development of scalable and responsive applications. Event-driven architecture, characterized by loosely-coupled software systems that interact by emitting and responding to events, enhances agility and supports the creation of robust, scalable applications.

EventBridge serves as a conduit for routing events from various sources, including in-house applications, AWS services, and third-party software, to consumer applications across your organization. It offers straightforward and consistent mechanisms for event ingestion, filtering, transformation, and delivery, expediting the application development process.

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How you can use AWS Lambda and Amazon EventBridge:

Certainly! Here are several examples of how you can use AWS Lambda and Amazon EventBridge:

Of course you can do much more, these are just a few examples ;)


These examples showcase the versatility of AWS Lambda and Amazon EventBridge in building event-driven, serverless solutions that automate processes, enhance real-time data processing, and seamlessly integrate various components and services in the cloud.

Below you can find tutorial How to pass a variable to AWS Lambda via CloudWatch event:

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