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Why we use AWS cloud

this article for beginners in cloud

Example of a problem and a solution

We had a problem in our office, the problem is summarized by the failure of the main board of one of the main modern servers that we bought about 5 years ago, Our team don't able to maintain the server and we don't have a backup server.

When we visited the main maintenance center that located in another city that far 100 km away, they told us that there were no spare parts for this server product because it is considered old in the terms of the market and there are lots of models made after it!

The solution is to buy another server device, he work was suspended for approximately 4 months due to maintenance diagnosis and our office don't have enough money for buying a new server device in a specific time .

we was waited until the money available to purchase a new server close to the specifications of the idler server, the work were stopped and there was a significant delay.

The safest , fastest and the cheapest solution that we didn't know about it at that time was the "cloud server"

The problems of having data centers in our country are:

  1. Providing stable and continuous electricity and a enough UPS.

  2. Providing cooling, especially in the summer.

  3. Provide enough financial to purchase servers,
    network racks, spare devices , network devices , and others.

  4. Providing an internal network for computers.

  5. Providing a suitable room for the data centers.

  6. In most days, we turn off servers manually at the end of the official working hours because we need the server only for specific hours of day (8 am - 2 pm ), and their are no electricity after that time (because the main electricity source is cutting) , and this is not true ( the shutting down )because it reduces the lifespan of the server.

Where in cloud computing things are very flexible

  1. Things in clouds are very flexible. It is possible to set up a server with the required of hardware in short time.

  2. Servers (EC2) can be shut down easily and immediately , which mean reduce in cost. You only pay for what you use and on time.

  3. It is possible to upgrade a server hardware (such as increasing or decreasing the storage capacity , random memory processor or changing its family types).

  4. if the server (EC2) is down , we can changed it by creating another one easily and quickly.

5.It is possible to take advantage of the multi databases provided by cloud computing companies.

  1. In case of fear of sharing our data on the Internet, it can be placed in a local server (on premises) and linked to the EC2 with the application on the cloud server.

  2. We only need to provide our users in good internet service.

  3. It is possible to connect to the server (EC2) from anywhere with a key and password is for each users.

9.There are many other services as well, such as Artificial Intelligence AI, Machine Learning ML, Internet Of Things IOT, and many others.

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AWS AMAZON WEB SERVICES, leading companies in the cloud field of computing and offers a free one-year (free tier ) account to offering over 200 fully featured of amazing services.

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There are a lot of certificates that amazon company provides for the basic and advanced levels with a lot of free training courses and a lot of supports in most fields of clouds computing.

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yummikus • Edited

You need to buy new hardware that will do all the calculations on its side, not on the server-side. That's what we did so. At the moment, we are buying backup equipment from StarWind. It is the best solution we have done so far. The backup speed is fantastic, so our customers are happy too. We've recently restored a great website in 15 minutes. That's super fast.