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What is AWS Community Builders and what's in it for you

A few days ago the application for the AWS Community Builders program has opened and I happily shared the news on Twitter (@ AndraGlavan) and LinkedIn. Since then, I keep getting DMs like "What exactly is AWS Community Builders program?" and "Could you help me with my application?" and I am delighted to help.
A few of my colleagues have already written some great articles on this topic, but I would like to highlight what the program is about and what you can get from it ✨.

❗The application is open from January 10th through January 24th EOD Pacific Time.

What is AWS Community Builders Program

You can read everything about it on the main page, but basically it is a great way to connect the people from all around the globe (94 countries now) who are activly involved in the AWS community, all in one place. Of course, it will be impossible to manage a program like this if everyone in the AWS space gets in, and this is why only a small percent of the applicants receive the great news. In the last round of applications - October 2021, only 10% of the applicantions were approved.
To stand out you have to really be involved, write more articles, do some Meetup presentations, organize Meetups, have an YouTube channel, a Podcast, be very active on Twitter. You don't have to be doing all of them, you just have to stand out among the applicants. And it's not all about that, the questions cover your motivation for joining, what is your unique perspective, and what are your future plans.

Eager to find out more

To know more about who should apply and how, you can read this article by @pawelpiwosz
For a more in depth information about the program and some of its benefits, you can read this article by @andrewbrown

What's in it for you

It is all about the community ❤️ and it comes with some extra benefits 🎁.

  • AWS Commnity Builders is a great community - I've met some of my collegues for the first time this last year at re:Invent, and it was amazing to start feeling comfortable with people I have actually never met before. Being in the Slack workspace, you get a lot of help and support, but also a chance to do some networking and to make new friends, or just finding out about things you never heard about before 😄.
  • Free stuff - Everybody loves free stuff, especially when they are branded with the cloud you love or with the great community logo. You get an Welcome Kit, AWS Credits, exam voucher and some extra things that usually vary.
  • Exclusiveness - There are exclusive events with people from AWS and sessions with the AWS Heroes. This is more amazing than I can describe. The chance to do some networking with the Heroes and to be able to attend a presentation from Jeff Barr itself is just beyond awesome 🦄.
Eager to find out more

Then this article on 10 benefits of the program by @vattybear is the right place.


I hope this was a quick read that covered the basics of what the AWS Community Builders program is and what benefits it can bring you if you will join. Keep being great and keep trying! If you don't get in easily, doesn't mean you won't get in at all! 🎓

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Paweł Piwosz

Thanks for mentioning! What can I say to you all? Join AWS Community Builders program, it is worth to do!:)