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What exactly is Networking and Content Delivery

A few years back when I first heard about Networking and Content Delivery it wasn't quite clear to me what it meant and as a beginner understanding the basics concepts was the most important thing to me.
So, in this article I'll give you the proper introduction to one of the basic set of services on the AWS Cloud.

Networking 🌏

As we might all know a network(computer) is basically a set of computers that are connected together over a shared medium to share information, and we have them from on-premises datacentres to the Cloud. By using networks especially on the Cloud, we want to guarantee that our resources run on a properly configured, low latency and high throughput network. Right now, you must be questioning "isn't the cloud just plug and play, do I have to configure routers and switches? 😭"...

... Obviously "no" 🤗, but at some level we must be able to make some configurations to the service provided to us to address our needs because not everything comes out of the box, for example we might have scenarios where we would like to connect our AWS network to our external(on-premises).

Content Delivery 📦

We have our networks configured and running, great! But networks weren't meant to be configure and just stay still, they exist to serve content, the same ways roads we built to allow vehicles to travel around. Content delivery relies on the underlying network to delivery content and application to users around the world.
You can imagine Networking and Content Delivery as jelly and peanut butter.

Networking and Content Delivery Services

Below is a list of some Networking and Content Delivery services:

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