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Using CodeArtifact from SAM

Following my blog ( I have worked out how you can use private dependancies in CodeArtifact with SAM. The following is a quick guide.

Firstly use the get-authorization-token to get a secure token for CodeArtifact using your AWS CLI and store it in a env var called CODEARTIFACT_AUTH_TOKEN:

export CODEARTIFACT_AUTH_TOKEN=$(aws codeartifact get-authorization-token --domain my-domain --domain-owner 112333322 --query authorizationToken --output text --profile my-profile --region eu-west-1 )
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Then create a Pipfile with the CodeArtifact URL but note the use of the CODEARTIFACT_AUTH_TOKEN env var:

name = "pypi"
url = "https://aws:$"
verify_ssl = true

pylint = "*"
#awscli = "==1.16.292"
#aws-sam-cli = "==0.40.0"
flake8 = "*"
flake8-print = "==3.1.4"
flake8-logging-format = "==0.6.0"
flake8-builtins = "==1.4.2"
flake8-eradicate = "==0.3.0"
flake8-comprehensions = "==3.2.2"
flake8-breakpoint = "==1.1.0"
flake8-docstrings = "*"
flake8-rst-docstrings = "*"
flake8-blind-except = "*"
pep8-naming = "==0.9.1"
cfn-lint = "==0.27.4"
pytest = "*"
pytest-cov = "==2.8.1"
moto = "*"
bandit = "*"
safety = "*"
twine = "*"

pcb_common = "*"

python_version = "3.8"
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Then use pipenv to create a requirements file:

pipenv lock -r > src/requirements.txt
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Then use the requirements.txt to pull the dependancies:

sam build  CommonLayer --template template.yaml --use-container --base-dir .
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The result is the ability to pull your private library. Simple as that!

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blueskycorner profile image

Impossible to use sam build with a container. It is not able to fetch my private package inside codeartifact.
Is it possible to show the content of your requirements.txt?
Best regards,