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Tips for Studying & Staying Focused...

*So you have a big exam coming up, however each time you put your head down to Study - Distractions come into Play

So it doesn't matter what the exam maybe - these are a few easy tips that will aid you in Exam Victory!

1.) Create a Time-Table

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Your body is unique, we are people of habit - when you get to thinking of it, you typically get up, before your alarm rings, you eat basically at the same times everyday and this is because we are simply habitual in nature. So what does this mean for you? Establish a time when you are least distracted or bound to be disturbed by others. For me this is Generally 3AM every morning, I am able to get in a Decent 3 Hours of study before Gym and Breakfast - this gives me an excellent start to the day and ultimately if you multiply the value of 3 Hours by 5 working days, you get 15 Hours undisturbed Study every working week! This also allows you not to spend your whole weekend focusing on Studying but relaxing as well!

2.) Clear your Workspace of Distractions (No Phones, or any other electronics apart from the device you studying on)

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Its important that you don't allow your brain to wonder, ever heard of the saying, out of sight out of mind. This actually works pretty well! I would suggest leaving a voicemail on your phone letting people know you are unavailable during the period your studying or in case of emergency how to best get a hold of you. Place your Phone on Do-Not-Disturb and place it in your drawer or closet, the furthest away from your eye or arms reach. This will allow you increase your focus and attention span dramatically.

3.) Stay Consistent!

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Remember much like any other muscle willpower has the ability to take you places, should you train it daily, don't miss your schedule, once you have made your timetable, stick to it! once you allow yourself to put off studying even for a single day in a week, this will sub-consciously allow yourself to let anything else that crops up in your day take priority over whats important and thats getting that CONGRATULATIONS MESSAGE from Credly! I know waking up at 3AM sounds incredibly challenging, but if you work out your 24 hours, you can get 8 hours rest considering you asleep by 8-9pm, 8 hours of work, 3 hours study, 1 hour of Gym and 4 hours of relaxing time with your family in a day, its all Discipline. Studies suggest anything you can do for over a month becomes a habbit. (,task%20then%20becomes%20a%20habit.)

4.) Remember to Take Breaks

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For approximately 90 minutes you are in high performance mode. Your alertness, concentration, creativity, emotional resilience, and mental stamina are all at the top of their game. Its important to take a break and renew your energy, taking a stroll outside normally helps me clear my mind and all the fresh oxygen that circulates around my body, leaves me feeling re-energized. It's important though to move yourself from your place of study and give your mind room to re-calibrate itself, you can choose anything really you enjoy, I am lucky enough to live 2mins away from the beach, so for you it could be simply grabbing a coffee or tea, playing with your pet or anything that will re-energize your body.

5.) Get enough sleep!

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When you learn something new, the best way to remember it is to sleep on it. That’s because sleeping helps strengthen memories you’ve formed throughout the day. You might even come up with creative new ideas while you slumber. Trying to gain knowledge whilst trying to concentrate on staying awake is the worst thing you can do, our bodies were not made to function that way, if you are running short on time, rather reschedule the examination for a later date then rushing into an exam feeling exhausted or tired, there is nothing worse then showing up at work to tired to perform your daily duties as well, the very reason why we are studying is to gain that promotion or to excel in your profession, so be kind to yourself and Rest.

Whilst these may only be 5 short steps, they will go along way in ensuring you get to your milestones, you can always increase your personal list, but this is a great place to start! Happy Learning and I hope you pass that Exam Soon!

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