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Terraform Full Course in 9 hours .. Zero to Hero Series #FREE#

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Please find my Terraform Full Course in 9 hours .. Zero to Hero Series on YouTube for free .. #terraform #devops @AlokKumar

Terraform is a tool that helps you create and manage your computer infrastructure, like servers, databases, and networks, in a way that's easy to understand and repeatable. It uses code to define your infrastructure, which means you can treat your infrastructure like software, allowing you to automate its creation and changes.

Let's say you want to set up a web server on a cloud platform like Amazon Web Services (AWS). Instead of manually clicking through the AWS console to create the server, you can use Terraform to write a simple configuration file that describes the server's specifications, like its size, operating system, and security settings.

By using Terraform, you can automate the provisioning and management of your infrastructure, making it easier to scale, update, and maintain your applications and services.

What all topics of Terraform, we are going to cover in this course?

Creating First EC2 Instance
tfstate file .. backup state file .. destroy target flag
Terraform Resource Attribute and Output Values
Terraform Provider Version handling
Terraform Format, Validate, EIP Association with EC2
Terraform Shared Credential, AWS CLI, Comments
Running Nginx From Docker Container using Terraform
Terraform Input Variable Part – 1
Terraform Variable, Count and Generating and Applying Terraform Plan Part – 2
Input Variable from terraform.tfvars, *.tfvars, *.auto.tfvars and environment variables Part – 3
Implement Variable Type as String, Number, List and Map. Part – 4
Terraform Meta-Argument for_each
Terraform Meta-Argument – lifecycle
Terraform Data Resource
Terraform State Management using S3 and DynamoDB
Terraform Workspace .. Help to keep Infrastructure consistent
Terraform Taint .. Recreate a degraded or damaged resources
Numeric, String and Collection Function
Encoding & FileSystem
Terraform Provisioners .. File, Local-exec, Remote-exec, Creation & Destroy-Time and Failure Behavior
Terraform Modules
Terraform Locals and Module Source

About this course

We designed this course to be 80% hands-on labs and only 20% theory. This way, you can get the most out of it, even if you don't know anything about Terraform yet. All you need is a bit of familiarity with AWS, and you'll be good to go!

About me

Hi, I'm Alok Kumar, and I've been working in the IT industry for over 15 years. I'm not only an instructor for three courses on Udemy but also share my knowledge through my YouTube channel. What's really exciting is that over 1000 students have already earned certifications through my courses and connected with me on LinkedIn!

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Free YouTube Course - Terraform Full Course in 9 hours

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