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Serverless Game

I started 2023 with something new. I was wondering, what could be interesting, fresh and exciting. And I found it.

The Game

I invented... the game. Well, no, I invented The Game :) The Game of Serverless. My idea was to make it very interactive, community driven and community building one. That is why as a platform I selected


This is the place where we can find so many brilliant and smart people. People eager t oshare their wast knowledge and experience.

First rule of The Game

Every week (most probably Sunday evening CEST) I publish new requirements for the application and infrastructure. The Players' task is to propose the solution.

Second rule of The Game

Important is that solution must utilize Serverless services of AWS.

Quite important disclaimer, I believe. This is the game, for fun. I do not expect and I do not ask for truly mature enterprise solutions. We, you all are paid for that. Here we share the tips and play the game for fun (I repeat myself, I know :) )

I play the role of "Game Master". My goal is to try to navigate you into the rocks. Another words, to force the situation, where Players will agree that Serverless is not an option. If this happen, I win :)

You, my dear Players, you receive the requirements and based on it you propose an architecture. You may even draw it, if you wish :)

The set of requirements is simple, at leas for now. In time the level should increase. For now we have business requirements (more or less). Soon we start to discuss non-functional requirements (or quality attributes, if you wish).

Third rule of The Game

The requirements. Well, the rule here is simple. If I didn't reveal something, you are free to propose whatever you wish (from Serverless area, of course). I collect proposals from all Players and base on it I create new set of requirements.

So, as you can see, it is indeed an interactive game. I have some requirements in mind. But... In a day when I wrote this article, we are in second week and I already had to modify the requirements I gave to Players :) This make it interesting, doesn't it?

I feel the thrill, how to join?

It is simple, really. I invite everyone to play.

Fourth rule of The Game

This is the game for fun (did I said that already?). Be nice, kind and happy :)


The best starting point is Github repository. I collect all data and progress there.

You can join directly in my LinkedIn profile

I wait for you there!

Let's have fun!

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nicholasbarrett98 profile image
NicholasBarrett98 • Edited

I like games like that. I started developing games not so long ago. And I was inspired when I happened to visit this web-site and saw reviews of online games. Top list I was very impressed and I even played some of them.

rubycastaneda77 profile image

That's an interesting idea. I would love to play.

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