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Rest API using Amazon Lambda & ApiGateway


[24/30] #30DaysOfAWS Today, Amazon Lambda with Amazon ApiGateway & Hands-On.

AWS Lambda is a serverless computing service that allows you to run code in response to events without the need to provision or manage servers. You can write your code in various programming languages (such as Python, Node.js, Java, etc.) and upload it to Lambda. When an event occurs (e.g., an HTTP request, a file being uploaded to Amazon S3, a database update), Lambda automatically executes your code in a container, scales as needed, and then stops the execution when the code is finished.

Amazon API Gateway is a managed service that enables you to create, publish, maintain, monitor, and secure APIs at any scale. It acts as a front-end for your APIs, allowing you to define endpoints, request/response models, authentication, throttling, and more. API Gateway can be used to create RESTful APIs or WebSocket APIs.

Recently I wanted to make a personal project related to Sinhalen AWS. I make Rest API using Amazon Lambda & ApiGateway. It's a cool project. The procedure is user selects AWS service after that visible service details in Sinhala language. Its now under development publish will soon.

Architecture Diagram

Step-by-step tutorial for How to create Rest API using Lambda &
. You can download it using this URL.

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