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Preparing for AWS Certification Exams - some tips and tricks

Ganesh Swaminathan
Cloud Enthusiast interested in topics around Technology Infrastructure, Python, Containers, AWS, Azure, GCP, K8s and Deep Learning |#AWSCertified CSAPro | #AWSCommunityBuilder
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During the first lockdown in 2020, I managed to pass 3 AWS Certification Exams (AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner, AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate and Professional).

The main idea for me wasn't the actual paper certificate at the end, but the journey of learning as I went through services I don't normally use day to day. I learnt a TON and it also prepared me to coach others through their own AWS journey.

There are literally thousands of articles online on how to prepare for these exams and even more on "how do I get started" or "which resources you would use". So I am going to start a small series covering my own experience and linking to some of the best articles I have bookmarked on these topics.

I plan to cover tips on selecting the right exam (based on your personal profile and goals), coming up with a training plan, getting exam ready and then actually passing the exam.

The first post in this series is live!

I would appreciate any constructive feedback or retweets!

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Jason Dunn

Congratulations on your certification achievements in 2020! šŸ‘