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PartyRock on! Excellent!

Such a triumph!

Getting an early look at the new PartyRock, an Amazon Bedrock Playground AWS just released was non-heinous. Actually, it was better than non-heinous - it was EXCELLENT!


I created a silly app using the tool. The app is silly, but PartyRock is most definitely not bogus. My app takes the user's mood and scenario as inputs and then provides a "Bill and Ted's ..." quote that fits both, along with an image of Bill and Ted (the header image for this article is one of the generated images) that fits the mood, scenario, and quote. It also gives the user a chance to chat with Bill and Ted! The app is called "Bill and Ted's Excellent Communicator" and you can check it out here.

Both the quote generation and the chat bot responses are handled using the Claude Instant Large Language Model (LLM), which is one of several you can choose to work with depending on what you want as outputs. You can also adjust the Temperature and Top P of the responses to give a bit finer control over how the LLM builds its answers. You can even specify maximum word count and other elements using prompt engineering if you choose to!

As you can probably see from the header image on this article, it doesn't quite actually get Bill and Ted true to character, but it tries hard.

Totally non-heinous to use.

What's really amazing about PartyRock is how easy and accessible it makes creating a working application using LLMs. I didn't have to spend hours or days writing code to create my app. Instead, I spent a few minutes to write the following:

Create an app that takes a user's mood and scenario description and provides a 'Bill and Ted's ...' quote that fits both. Then generate an image of Bill and Ted that fits the mood and scenario. Bill is short with short, tightly curly blonde hair. Ted is tall, with straight black, shoulder length hair. Both are holding guitars. They are best friends.

PartyRock extracted the inputs and outputs needed and connected LLM elements using multiple widgets to provide the quote, image, and chat bot as requested.

Once the initial app is created, of course, you can go in and edit each of the widgets, or add new widgets. You can even "Remix" the app, taking the basic idea of it and creating something similar, but also different. You aren't limited to doing that with just apps you've created, either. Instead, you can go to any publicly shared PartyRock app and use it as a basis for something new you create. I did quite a bit of editing for both the photo prompt and the quote generation prompt after PartyRock provided its first attempt, but even the editing only took a few minutes.

Party on!

I invite you to check out my app here, and to join in the fun by creating your own. Take mine and make it better, or craft something completely new.

Good vibes.

Oh, a few more non-heinous notes about PartyRock:

  1. You don't need an AWS account to use it
  2. Log in using a federated identity (such as your gmail email address)
  3. For a limited time every user gets an exceptionally generous free trial. Which means you can play, experiment, and create apps that harness the power of LLMs for free.

This isn't bogus, it's EXCELLENT!

Come join the Party and start building your own most excellent apps.

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