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One Year of Blogging✍️

Consistency is the key 🤘

I've been writing articles since 2021, and it helped me a lot in many perspectives. Last year I took the decision to do small challenge and write blogs every month for at least one year.. And here we are.. For 1 year, monthly basis I've been releasing 1 article, with a main focus on Software and DevOps Engineering, while covering AWS Services and specially Serverless.

In this article I'll share some insights how my blogs performed during this period, and to make it even more accurate, will be sharing some data and statistics as well.. so without further ado let's dive deep 🏄🏽

First let's start with the List of articles, and the date it was published

1- "Building Distributed Systems on AWS" (Jun 7, 2022)
2- "AWS Step Functions In-Depth | Serverless" (Jul 4, 2022)
3- "Amazon EventBridge Intro | Serverless" (Aug 3, 2022)
4- "Decouple Application Components using Amazon SQS | Serverless" (Sep 5, 2022)
5- "Schedule Lambda Functions Using EventBridge | Serverless" (Oct 9, 2022)
6- "Working with Containers? Check AWS Cloud Map" - (Nov 7, 2022)
7- "Why DynamoDB Streams is Very Useful" (Dec 9, 2022)
8- "About Amazon EventBridge Scheduler" (Jan 4, 2023)
9- "About Amazon EventBridge Pipes" (Feb 8, 2023)
10- "AWS Step Functions, Intrinsic Functions In-Depth | Serverless" (Mar 7, 2023)
11- "About Amazon SNS & Pub/Sub Architecture" (Apr 4, 2023)
12- "How to Become AWS Serverless Ninja ⛩️" (May 5, 2023)

As we can see all my articles were released at the beginning of the month. This helped me to organize and manage it in a better way when it comes to scheduling my tasks.

🥁 Now time for some statistics..

I will share a graph showing number of views/readers for each article. Note that this article is released at Jun 7, 2023 (which is exactly the same date the first article was released for this one year episode) 🥹

The following is the graph with number of readers:
Image description

Total number of readers for only these 12 articles at this date (the time I'm writing this article) is: 37,547

Some tips for writers/publishers out there: based on my experience I noticed usually people will react, bookmark and benefit more from the content, when it's a deep and a bit long article, and they won't find it anywhere. Keep the content organized, and try to explain things a simple way. Always keep in mind that the readers are from different level of experience, so the article should be beneficial for most of them.

One of my articles "AWS Step Functions In-Depth | Serverless" was even shared by Jeff Barr (Vice President & Chief Evangelist at Amazon Web Services) on LinkedIn as a post The content of this article is very unique and I did very deep instructions with some useful real world examples.

Image description

So I can say that once people bookmark your content then its a good sign that it will be either read after a time, or even be referred to a friend which is even better on the long run 🙂

Oh yeah, before I forgot I was also granted Trusted Member permissions

Image description

Thank you everyone who had the time to read my articles and liked my content, and like I always say I hope it helped you, motivated or even gave you an "Aha Moment" to become a better engineer 😊

Reach out to me on LinkedIn if you want to be mentored on how to write awesome technical articles

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Congrats sir

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Freddy Hidalgo-Monchez

Nice! Very inspiring, thanks for the share :)

kasuken profile image
Emanuele Bartolesi

Well done.
A few weeks ago I achieved the goal of blogging every week at least one time!