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New Free AWS "Exam Prep" assessment resource

Did you know AWS have hundreds of free learning videos / courses that you can use to learn about AWS and also prepare for their Certification Exams?

They host it all on their "SkillBuilder" site.

SkillBuilder recently added paid content (requiring an expensive subscription) including additional labs, flashcards and full length practice exams, additional learning pathways and "Quests" with digital badges on completion. The free resources are still awesome and are constantly being updated / added to.

"Exam Prep" courses

Skillbuilder has recently added "Exam Prep" courses. These are NOT training courses to teach you AWS from scratch but are complementary to other preparatory AWS Courses and are focused on assessing your "Exam Readiness".

Here is how I would recommend you use this resource when you have decided to prepare for an AWS Certification exam.

  1. Create a free login on SkillBuilder.
  2. Go to the Course Catalog
  3. Expand the Filters and scroll down to find the "Training Category" and select the "Exam Preparation" category Image description
  4. Then use the Search to find one for your exam code. For example I am getting ready to recertify my AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional course and its short code is SAP-C02. I can just search for "SAP-C02". Some of these courses also have material in languages other than English!
  5. You will find a course marked "Requires Subscription" and one marked Free. Enroll in the Free course! Image description
  6. I would then do the first few modules which cover getting to know the exam, exam-style questions and the topics in scope. There are also links to resources like the official AWS Study Guide (which lists what the exam covers) in these lessons. You can then STOP here and switch over to video courses like those on Udemy, Adrian Cantrill's site , CloudAcademy etc.

  7. Once you have finished the video course and have done some more practice questions (maybe using TutorialsDojo or equivalent), you can COME BACK to this course and then take the remaining modules. This Exam Prep course then will cover what you SHOULD know by know in each domain of the exam and will provide additional links and guidance.

AWS Certification Exams covered

The filters do not make this easy to find but I was able to find "Exam Prep" courses for the following (with links to the FREE version in English Language)

I could not find the Exam Prep course for

  • DevOps Engineer - Professional (DOP-C02) (Coming Soon!)
  • Security - Specialty (SCS-C01)
  • Database - Specialty (DBHS-C01)
  • Data Analytics - Specialty (DAS-C01)
  • Machine Learning - Specialty (MLS-C01)
  • SAP on AWS - Specialty (PAS-C01)

Either I could not find them in the search OR I would expect them to be added soon. I did find sample practice exams for all exams though.

Paid vs Free Exam Prep Course difference

Paying for a SkillBuilder subscription provides access to the same course but adds two labs and a full length practice exam.

The free course still has some walkthrough and some scenario questions and has a practice exam that has only 20 sample questions.

The SAP-C02 subscription course has these additional material from the table of contents.

Lab assessments
Lab assessment 1: Designing for resiliency and cost
Lab assessment 2: Enhance Amazon CloudFront Origin
Module 5: Determine exam readiness
Overview: bonus questions and practice exam
AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Professional Bonus Questions (SAP-C02)
AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Professional Official Practice Exam (SAP-C02 - English) (edited)

These additional resources alone do not justify the subscription in my opinion but SkillBuilder has loads of other subscription content that you may want to consider.


Thanks to Julie Elkins for highlighting this awesome resource that she has helped create.

Use this Free Exam Prep resource to boost your chance of passing the AWS Certification Exams!

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