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New AWS Console Home Page

A customizable home page for the AWS Management Console that offers customers a single place to access the information they need. The new Console Home provides customers the capability to customize their Console Home experience by adding, removing, and rearranging widgets. In some of the widgets, customers can also choose between regular view for a quick summary or an extended view for a more comprehensive overview.

At launch, customers can use 8 widgets: Welcome to AWS, Recently visited, AWS Health, Cost and usage, Build a solution, Trusted Advisor, Explore AWS, and Favorites. We will announce additional widgets over time. These widgets aggregate data from multiple services and regions to enable customers to perform various tasks. For example, a financial administrator can use the Cost and usage widget to get an overview of forecasted costs across AWS services; and a DevOps manager can view important events and changes affecting their AWS environment in the AWS Health widget.

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The new Console Home is made of widgets. I may choose which widget to display on the page and where to include it. I may use the actions in the Actions drop down to customize my home page.

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Change the widgets size

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The new AWS Console Home is available in all AWS Regions, customize your console homepage today.

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