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Nevertheless, Gargee Bhatnagar Coded in 2022


For me breaking the bias means achieving something great, in my career and keep going. You would have heard "Opportunities don’t happen, you have to create them". This is exactly what I have implemented in my career. Starting a career as an Solution Architect is not easy but having a craziness to learn more about new things, gather learning opportunities, grab knowledge from wherever i can.

And had also participated in various events, implemented the same in my daily work life. Few events that have really helped me to earn confidence in my work are AWS Summit, AWS Builder Series, AWS Sambhav, AWS re:Invent, AWS Public Sector Submit and many more. A point came in my life where I can say finally I have earned something huge as when I was "Selected as AWS Ambassador from India".

Also, being a part of AWS Community Builder i had hosted various events, published blogs and conducted webinars.
As being the first child from the family who has stepped out and built up a career, I have motivated my siblings to do something in life. Also in my college tenure, I have guided my juniors in taking various career related decisions. Also there are few people who have made me their inspiration and followed me throughout their career.

My role model is my mother the way she has raised us and managed both of her professional and personal life and has never given up. I have truly followed her with a positive attitude of never giving up on whatever the situation is.

Yes, there were various challenges i have gone through in my career as people talk about gender equality but they just talk, reality is still there are some points where people think no women can’t do this or she should not do that. Still there are times where some men really don’t want to work under a female boss or sometimes they don't trust your decision.

I still remember the time when I had decided to start my career as an engineer and decided to step out. There were various people around me and even my relatives who had objected. She is a girl, the only work she can do is related to household and so on. People said to my parents that they are making a big mistake by sending a girl to study outside in a new city. But finally I proved them wrong and have tried to grab all the opportunities I can.

I had taken my first step by getting admission in IIST Indore, enrolled for Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science and then have chosen to complete Masters from Vellore Institute of Technology (M.Tech) in Computer Science with Specialization in Cloud Computing and then have started my professional career by working as an network engineer and then i have switched to a new company as a Cloud engineer. And then I joined Electromech Corporation as a Solution Architect.

I have achieved certificates as AWS Solution Architect Associate and started writing blogs. In 2021, I have achieved my 2nd certification as AWS Certified DevOps Engineer Professional. And then I became an AWS Community Builder and with it I got an opportunity to publish blogs on the Dev community platform. I have also participated in various events to generate skills like AWS re:Invent, AWS Builder Series, AWS Sambhav for experiencing challenges. I have achieved my 3rd certification that is AWS Certified Data Analytics Speciality. Have conducted webinars and hosted various events. And finally I have received the greatest achievement to be selected as an AWS Ambassador from India.

If you want to succeed in your life, you need to work hard and bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be. People will definitely try to stop you but it’s you who trust yourself, trust your own decisions, analyze and make the best out of it. Being a women is an honour and a pride, don't let it down for the people.

Just #BreakTheBias & do what your heart says!

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Avinash Dalvi

Great journey 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 . Keep growing and sharing. One quick feedback you mean to AWS summit instead of submit ?

BreakTheBias only help to create new things.

bhatnagargargee profile image

Thanks for the feedback and exploring my story. I have quickly corrected it. Thanks again😀