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Sharing Roadmap to the AWS Solution Architect Pro

After so many time, finally I could get an old personal objetive: Pass one of the most challenging certifications of AWS, The "AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Professional" one!

I am sure It took longer than I expected, and I recognize I had periods of procrastination ...

But, finally I could get it, and here I would like share some of of the highlights of my preparation:

First, I started with aCloudGuru, and their "Solution Architecture Professional Course". I always like this material, and this platform helpme a lot to pass previous AWS Certification, in both Cloud Practicioner and Associate Levels

Honestly, I didn't feel full confident with only one online course, so I decide to complement it with others platforms, and here is where the AWS Community Builder Program goes into action: they gave us, the program members, a really Big help to achieve certifications: a year of access in and a Free Exam Voucher to take any certificaion you want!

By the way... if you have the chance to be part, don´t miss it!
registration is now open until July 17:
If not, always there is a wait list...

So, CloudAcademy helpme to complement the content y add preactice with some labs

Another important resources are test set, and for it, since I discovered Tutorial Dojo I always used it as one of the best options to consolidate knowledge:

The questions are excellent, very close in difficulty to real exam and most important, for each question, the answers are super-well explained, not only the right option, but also the wrong ones, and you learn a lot reading why thinghs are well and wrong!

For this exam, I also use Whizlab practices test: they also have a collection for Solution Architect Pro. I guess I needed an "extra quote" of security feelings and whizlabs helpme with that:

I really liked it too, although these sets were a little extensive: each test have 80 questions, and it took me about a full day each one. But behind each question they have really good explanations and links to official AWS docs to go in depth with many concepts....

So, after a few months, with a little of procastination from my side, diving with first-class preparation resources and takin inspiration from the communities were one belong.... In my case, thery are TheNinjaProject and the AWS Community Builder program, with the help of exam vouchers and deadlines... I finally could achieve a far personal objetive of getting the AWS Solution Architect Pro

AWS Solution Architect Pro

Also proudly shared in Linkedin,
and I hope this experience help/motive/inspire to catch the same objective!


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