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My Journey to Becoming the Youngest AWS Community Builder in Vietnam

I am both excited and humbled to announce that I have been chosen to join the AWS Community Builders. Receiving an email from Amazon Web Services (AWS) informing me of my acceptance into the program was an amazing way to start my day.

I have eagerly desired to be part of this program since its inception, and I am absolutely thrilled to have made it. I take great pride in being the youngest community builder in Vietnam.

Allow me to share my journey from being a student to becoming an AWS Community Builder, achieved in just five months of interacting with AWS.

During my time as a student, I had no prior knowledge of AWS, and at first, I found it both difficult and costly to learn about cloud computing. However, fate led me to discover the AWS First Cloud Journey course, organized in collaboration with universities, which opened my eyes to the world of cloud computing and AWS. Despite the course comprising only four sessions, the labs and workshops provided me with valuable knowledge not only about AWS but also about cloud computing in general.

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In March 2022, I had the privilege of becoming a mentee of Mr. Nguyễn Gia Hưng, which inspired me to resume my practice from the very basics and to engage with Facebook groups and communities focused on AWS, particularly the AWS Study Group. I devoted myself to learning and sharing my knowledge with individuals of all ages and levels of experience.

With the invaluable guidance of my mentors and the AWS community, I began gathering resources to aid fellow newcomers like myself in starting their AWS journey smoothly. Additionally, I aimed to motivate students to embrace AWS by introducing them to programs like the First Cloud Journey and interactive activities such as AWS Cloud Quest.

I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to Mr. Nguyễn Gia Hưng - AWS SA Team Lead, Mr. Minh Le - Solution Architect Lead at Renova, Mr. Bình Nguyễn - Head of DevOps at Renova, Minh, and Bình, who are AWS Community Builders and have been a tremendous source of inspiration for me, along with all the VDP brothers and sisters, and the entire AWS community, for their unwavering support and encouragement.

Although the application form for the AWS Community Builders program is currently closed, I highly recommend joining the waitlist to receive notifications when it reopens in early 2023.

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I am excited to start learning and exchanging insights about Container, DevOps, and AWS as an AWS Community Builder. I would like to express my gratitude to Amazon Web Services (AWS), Shafraz Rahim, Jason Dunn, and Albert Zhao for granting me this incredible opportunity.

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