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My Journey into the Cloud Computing

I believe it's not easy to jump into Cloud Computing without practice and curiosity. My background is in Computer Science. I started to learn Technology when I was a Junior High School student. Many great concepts will help our growth.

Junior High School Journey

I got my first netbook when I was a Junior High School student. I got the netbook after achieving first place in Math Competition and getting a chance to be trained for National Math Competition.

I used my netbook to learn about networks and operating systems, especially troubleshooting topics. I knew about Social Media like Facebook and Twitter, if you know about "alay", I was "born" in that era. I also learned about Linux! I learned how to install it, use it, and many more.

My first netbook

My first netbook

Well, not many stories. However, this was my first step before I took Computer Science.

Senior High School Journey

When I was a Senior High School student, I got a chance to take Computer Science Competition. Unfortunately, I had been selected as a Mathematics candidate, so I missed the chance to compete in Computer Science subject. However, it didn't hold me to take the Computer Science program. I learned Pascal as my first programming language. It's a reason why I am familiar with Pascal and basic programming.

Our school held a psycho-test to determine our preferred subject for the university. The result shows me Informatics or Computer Science will fit my desire. Anyway, I got a scholarship to continue my study in the Nuclear program. However, I was not selected for SNMPTN. SNMPTN is a national selection program without a test and sees our track when the high school. I decided to take a test to pursue a Computer Science program at ITB (Institut Teknologi Bandung). Praise the Lord! I was selected and very happy after seeing the announcement.

Undergraduate Degree Journey

Well, I was searching for the best topics for me. I learned about Mobile Programming, Web Programming, Project Management, etc. I thought I would pursue Mobile Programming because I got a chance to intern as a Mobile Programmer. I tried part-time as a Mobile Programmer and took Freelance as a Fullstack Developer.

Unfortunately, the world said differently. I very much enjoy Web Apps. As a Freelancer, I learned about Docker, Cloud Services, and many tools regarding web apps and absolutely about CI/CD.

Working Journey

I am grateful. I learned more about Cloud Services since my first job as Backend Developer. I will not forget about this experience! In my first job, I learned about AWS too. Most of the workload is hosted in AWS. I learned Kubernetes, Docker, AWS, S3, EKS, and many more.

I got a chance to pursue my first cloud certification when I learned in a Tech Education Platform. I learned a lot about the fundamental of Cloud Services and how it works. I learned about IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, OpEx, CapEx, etc.

After three years of work, I was unmotivated because I didn't know what I want to learn. However, when my second job, I am "enforced" to have self-learning. I'm looking into some communities that will help me to have better learning. I set my goal to find the community, and I got AWS Community Builders. I tried my best to create blog posts and applied to AWS Community Builders. I was very excited when I got accepted.

I never had public speaking. My first-time public speaking when as an AWS Community Builder. It's a great experience after joining AWS Community Builder. I get networking, learning from many experts, and swags. :D

This is my first public speaking in Bahasa Indonesia.

I also shared with AWS Community Builders in APAJ through Open Mic in March 2022. That was my first public speaking experience! I was nervous for the first time, but I made it!

I can't remember my first post about AWS. I think mainly about S3 and AWS SDK.

Example post:


My cloud journey continues until now. I want to pursue Cloud Operation and DevOps. Hopefully, I will continuously contribute to the AWS Community and keep growing together. So, what about yours? Cheers!

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indika_wimalasuriya profile image

Wow. Great journey. Congrats and all the best for future. Thanks a lot for sharing your experiance. It's very inspiring.

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Bervianto Leo Pratama

Glad to hear that. I wish the best for you too.