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My AWS Developer Associate study guide

Important: Complete the courses and study material suggested in the AWS Solution Architect first as this has some overlap. After you have completed this, then follow the study guide below.

Please review the following in addition to Developer notes:
AWS Solution Architect Associate Notes

1. My Study Guide for AWS Certified Developer Associate
No Course Time Status Comments
1 Stephane's Certified Developer Associate 2 months Completed Highly Recommend
2 A Cloud Guru 1 month Completed Any course from #1-2 in this table is sufficient for the exam
3 Tutorial Dojo Practice Exams 15 days Completed Highly recommend
4 Neal Davis Practice Exams 7 days Completed Highly recommend
5 Exam Readiness - Live Sessions 4 sessions Completed You MUST COMPLETE this course before taking the exam.
6 Exam Readiness: AWS Certified Developer – Associate (Digital) 2 hours Completed You MUST COMPLETE this course before taking the exam.
7 AWS SkillBuilder - AWS Certified Developer - Associate Official Practice Question Set (DVA-C01 - English) 1 hour Completed You MUST COMPLETE this course before taking the exam.
8 AWS SkillBuilder AWS Certified Developer - Associate Official Practice Question Set (DVA-C02 - English) 1 hour Completed You MUST COMPLETE this course before taking the exam.
9 Whitepapers 7 hours Completed
10 re:Invent videos 6 hours Completed


Practicing CI/CD on AWS
Practicing CI/CD
Blue/Green Deployments, Introduction to DevOps
Serverless Multi-Tier Architectures, Docker on AWS
Running Containerized Microservices on AWS
Optimizing Enterprise Economics with Serverless Architectures

Note: You can either watch YouTube videos of Developer Associate or read the white papers.

  1. Which video courses do I need to take?
    If you are like me and have completed the other two associate certifications, then I recommend completing Stephane's course.

  2. How long does it take to prepare?
    It took me about 6 months as I prepared in conjunction with Solution Architect Professional.

  3. What happens if I don't pass the practice exams?
    Try to score close to 70% in any practice exam in your first attempt. Don't be worried if you don't pass on your first attempt.

  4. What do I do if I discover that I still have some weak areas after doing the practice exams?
    During the practice exams, if you find any areas that you seem to be weak in, then read more about those particular services in the AWS documentation.

2. AWS Certified Developer Associate Notes

GitHub logo kasukur / AWS_CCP_Notes

AWS Certification Notes

AWS Certification Preparation Notes

AWS Certified Cloud Practioner Notes

AWS Solution Architect Associate Notes

AWS Certified Developer Associate Notes

AWS Solution Architect Professional Notes

AWS Workshops/Labs

More to follow...


The information has been taken from the content in acloudguru

I highly recommend you to purchase the course from acloudguru

The purpose of these notes is to help students with their revision prior to taking the certification.

3. Exam Tips
  1. During the exam, I marked the questions I was unsure of for review. At the end of the exam, I had about 15 questions for review, which made me feel slightly confident that I might pass the exam.

  2. Make sure that you don't leave any questions unanswered as there is no negative marking.

  3. DO NOT attempt to answer the questions based on key words alone, ensure you read all the answers as well.

  4. If English is your second language, you can request for ESL+30 mins before booking the exam from certmetrics > Request Exam Accomodations and wait for the approval. It might take a couple of days for the approval to come through.

5. Further Reading from AWS Practice exams

Creating and sharing Lambda layers
Lambda function versions
Lambda function aliases
Lambda permissions
Lambda deployment packages
Blog: Using Lambda layers to simplify your development process
Lambda - Configuring reserved concurrency
Lambda - Configuring provisioned concurrency

API Gateway

Setting up stage variables for a REST API deployment
Blog: Using API Gateway stage variables to manage Lambda functions
Signing AWS API requests

Step Functions

Step Functions Activities
Error handling in Step Functions


Cognito - Post authentication Lambda trigger

6. AWS Labs

AWS Labs/Workshops

  1. This is a list of labs which you can use for practice, using your own AWS account. This is optional as some of these labs are quite advanced.

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Avinash Dalvi

Thank you for this guide.

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Collins Jumah

Thank you for this guide, quite helpful

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thanks for sharing!! I'll use it when I start this certification.

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you're welcome @marquake , please feel free to ask in case you need any help. It could be technical questions or certification related.

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