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Live Sport Broadcast using AWS Elemental Service

World Cup Time finally over! I really enjoyed this World Cup!. I watched official live stream in my Windows Laptop, sometime on my another mobile phone devices Android or an IOS device. I wonder. Is there any service that I can use for live broadcasting with AWS?
Yes it is! AWS provided us with AWS Elemental service.

network topology diagram
This lab i demonstrate using above topology diagram.
AWS Elemental MediaLive will encodes video in real time, compressing live broadcast sources into streams for delivery to broadcast TV , mobile devices (Android or IOS ) or another internet connected devices .
AWS Elemental MediaPackage prepares, distributes our live / on demand video content to a broad range of connected devices ( Windows, Android, IOS, etc ). The service can take a single video input from an encoder such as AWS Elemental MediaLive.
Amazon CloudFront will deliver our content all around the world.
Live streaming using Real time Messaging Protocol, and will use AWS MediaLive and AWS Elemental MediaPackage

simplyfy network topology diagram

For simplify my lab , I substitute live broadcasting devices with S3 Bucket. I put my free sample soccer video I got from to my S3 bucket.

my s3 video bucket

And then we can setup our AWS Elemental MediaLive
We must create channel first .

create channel

Create IAM Role

Create IAM Role

Fill input source in INPUT SOURCE A:

create input

Input class and input source
Add input attachments:
With input sources our S3 url wehre we put our free video.

Input sources

Medialive channel succesfully create:
channel status

I will setting the output video first using AWS Elemental MediaPackage.

Choose mediapackage:

Image description

Create a new channel
Input Apple HLS

Create apple output video. This is for viewer who owned IOS devices.
Image description

I create three endpoints for three different outputs devices. For windows viewer using laptop or PC. For Android and IOS viewer using mobile devices , smart TV or Laptop.

IOS endpoint

Android Endpoint

Microsoft Endpoint

all endpoint successfully created

After we created all three endpoint, we can preview our video using preview button under each our origin endpoint. If our video appear, we successfully configure our AWS Elemental services.

Preview our video

I successfully configure using Elemental MediaLive and MediaPackage for sport live broadcasting service. Now we can distribute our live streaming globally using AWS CloudFront!


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